Kiffin unconcerned

Lane Kiffin is not concerned about the latest reports that more secondary violations occurred during his tenure at Tennessee.
“Absolutely not at all. There’s no way. I have great confidence in what we did there and that we didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not concerned about it. It’s been going on for eight months,” Kiffin said.

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Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • The following people have said “I’m not concerned” over the past 4 years:
    Reggie Bush, Coach McNair, Pete Carroll, Mike Garrett and now this clown. Hey
    University of
    quit asking why we Bruin fans won’t leave your blogs…in this bad economy who would pay for laughs when we can get them for free from the trOJies! BUAHAHAHAHAHA

  • troganfan

    He has great confidence in his 6 secondary violations?

  • SoCal Native

    I love a good laugh too… Like the time notre dame decided not to accept a bowl bid and allowed some middling team to back into playing in an eighth tier bowl. Ah good times.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    Bru: you hit that on the head.

    oh what has Hair Club for Haden gotten himself into??

    Kiff imploding before the season even starts!!

    so far, it’s been Numbers-Gate, Baxter-Gate, Lie-to-Recruits-Gate, Punch-Gate and now Hostess-Gate. oh this is going to be awesome!!!!

    Jill, sweeeeeet scoop!!!

  • Sam Gilbert

    Meh, Kiffin not being loved in Tennessee matters about as much as there being a bounty on the head of Slick Rick in Washington and Colorado.


    Hey BruLoser…wanna know what’s funny? 8 of the last 9 years USC has owned UCLA in Football and 3 in a row in Hoops and the last 3 Lexus Trophies and 4 of 5. That’s hysterical stuff. Hahahahahaa!

  • Stu

    Man, that SC program sure is good for laughs.

  • ThaiMex

    Kiffy’s record as a head coach….12 wins….24 losses..Fite on or get outta town…Personally…just like knobs….I hope Kiffy sticks around for a long long time. Trogans only upgrade is newly selected A.D. The rest of the “athletic” dept. needs to be tossed into the COMPOST HEAP. One misstep by Kiffy ( THIS WILL HAPPEN)..and “prepare to meet the DEATH PENALTY”.
    Good news for Trogans is …awarding f-ball scholarship to walk-on J.C. transfer O.L. Junior. NOT RANKED/RATED out of Hawaii High school, I’m sure he’s a fine young man…but seriously folks..You think the program is slipping just a little bit?
    Gotta go, my phone is ringing…It’s Dillon.

  • spedjones

    you mean Lane “trust me Dillon, there won’t be ANY sanctions handed down by the NCAA against USC” Kiffin’s not worried? What a shocker.

  • 13-9

    SUCker Punch – U is garbage.

    The cesspool in South Central should be razed.

    Cheat On!

  • osezno

    ThaiMex – You must be working at the Domino’s at Figueroa and 28th. I hear that’s where the team orders their pizza, it’s a good chance that was Dillon that was calling you.
    Slick Rick’s 6 Pac-10 wins in two years is reason enough for me to want him to stick around.

    spedjones – Word is on another thread that your mother is a diseased whore. Send her 13-9’s way, I hear that’s his preference.

    Stu – You bruin trolls are great for a laugh. Look at all the fodder you leave for us.

    ChuckBuck – Don’t ever change, you are the perfect example of a bruin.

  • spedjones

    sorry osenzo, had to send Wolfie a note on the name calling. this is a place for civilized adults. shame on you. alas, it’s true about my mom. after all, she went to SC.

  • osezno

    A bruin troll complaining he’s getting picked on.

    Haven’t you been taking personal shots at Stanley Havili all week? Loving the irony.

    You must be Cerritos Rob’s alter-ego.

  • NOBS

    THaibean, how’s the truck. heh heh heh I’ll bet your favorite is the FREE HOLEY. Wish SC had Fucla’s ath dept so we’d never have any national championships in football. PS. Got news for you, Wooden was far more a cheater than Pete, Reggie or Kiff.

  • to ELTROJ, USC’s record against UCLA the last 19 years is 10-9, that’s not exactly dominating. When you match the ass whoppin the Bruins put on USC in the ’90s of eight straight then you can talk.

    Oh yeah, back to your question “what’s so funny” are you serious? what, you’ve been living in a cave and you just came out to catch some fresh air?

    to nobs, I saw the documentary on HBO regarding Wooden, and yes Sam Gilber was an out of control over zealous Bruin fan as I am, yes he had the players over for dinner, gave them Christmas gifts etc. but Sam Gilbert had no affiliation with UCLA and Wooden knew of him, and all Wooden could do is hope that Gilbert’s actions would not violate NCAA rules and get UCLA into trouble, The NCAA investigated and found NOTHING.

    Now if giving somebody a free meal is a reason to put a school on probation even if that person is not related to the school in any way shape of form, than I can say I’ve had two USC players over for a barbeque at my house two years ago, and pictures to prove it…do you consider that to be cheating? cuz I sure don’t.

  • NOBS

    And all Wooden had to do was report papa Sam to the university, who would then notify the NCAA. BUT St. John turned his head. And you know full well there were more than dinners. Try CASH. Overpaid for jobs that were offered. Yes, they all do it. But don’t be so smug. Fucla didn’t get upstanding young men, like Sidney Wicks, without dough or more. And NO, I don’t provide athletes at SC with ANYTHING.

    Oh, and on your 20 year history, SC won 2 NC’s in football, Fucla won ZERO-including a 20 game win streak.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Oh, baby bruwin.

    Give Papa Sam some credit.

    If by “Christmas” you mean every Tuesday and by “gifts” you mean new cars for all the starters then yes, let’s call them Christmas gifts.

    Pregnant girlfriends, call Papa Sam. I got an doctor who makes dorm room calls for 24 hour abortions.

    Low grades, call Papa Sam. I’ll fill my deep pockets and go see those terrible professors.

    Those amateurs wanna-be agents want to manage Reggie Bush’s pro career? I worked out pro contracts for Kareem, Lucius Allen, Sidney Wicks Swen Nater etc. all for free!

    Pete Carroll stuck his head in the sand and pretended not too see Lloyd Lake and Rodney G. floating around, that’s nothing! Good ol’ Johnny Wooden pretended I wasn’t sitting across the aisle from me on the team plane. He could have written twice as many books on denial than he did on pyramids to success.

    I’m sure you caught a little of some HBO special on me while waiting for those special late-night specials. Try looking through the L.A. Times, Yahoo Sports and Time Magazine databases… wait, you probably don’t have the attention span when it comes to reading.

    That’s okay, just come to good old Papa Sam. I’ll get someone to read them to you.

  • charlie buckets mother

    Ohhhh the Troll-ity of it all….

    You powder/gay blue jersey Pandas crack me up. Like overweight fat girls, pointing fingers at the young, skinny, good looking girls, assuming all are snobby, only because you don’t have the will power to lose the weight and look the same…

    Keep jumping up and down, point your fingers, and wave your keys you baby blue douches. We are so insulted that we drive better cars, win more, and MATTER! While we have ANOTHER more successful season than you guys, maybe you can all mix in a salad and a few more wins so you can start fitting in.

    ….or, you can keep having your true colors shine the way SPEDJONES does. By running to the editor, and acting like the whistle blowing faggot that he is.


  • You guy can cry wolf all you want, the facts remain that the NCAA investigated and found UCLA and Wooden of no wrong doing. The NCAA investigated USC and almost gave them the deserved death penalty, but showed mercy by slapping their wrist.

    To Charlie’s mom, what’s with all the aggressiveness? dude, were talking about sports here, sure we’re giving you a hard time for all the crap that’s gone down at your school. I’m willing to bet my ’73 Pinto that if UCLA was screwing up the way USC is, you guys would be just as brutal as we’re being.

    This is all just in fun, why resort to personal insults? why get mothers involved? Why not take the high road?

    At the end of the day, neither UCLA nor USC will give a shit about you nor I when the shit hits the fan in our homes…it is highly unlikely that UCLA nor USC will write any of us a check for every win on their schedule.


  • spedjones

    ah, Sam the racist is back. Call any african american players out this week, Sam? And really, what’s with references to things that happened (or, officially, didn’t happen) 40 years ago? SC’s troubles are today. Lane “I’m not concerned” Kiffin a one-and-done? Count on it.

  • charlie buckets mother

    BRUWIN… You want us to talk logic? Not be aggressive? High Road? LOL! Try taking some of your own advice. Maybe you can start a blog for the rest of your fellow Trolls about some common sense and logic. Like your football coach and most women, everything out of your mouths is emotion based, not logic.

    So guys like you, spedjones, west”hollywood” rob, “grab”student and even my son can realize how pathetic and envious you really are, pointing fingers at another school, ON THEIR BLOG/WEBSITE! But of-course, it would take “logic” to realize that.

    Oh, and SPEDJONES, before you report me and have me banned, don’t worry… I here Charlie Bucket’s Grandmother is coming into town soon. Charlie has a very big family…


    My vote for funniest post of the year goes out to Sam Gilbert’s above. Good stuff.

    And has sufficient enough time passed where we can now pass judgment on Wooden?– The guy was probably no dirtier than a lot of coaches, but Wooden was no saint and he was no wizard i.e. give me Alcindor and Walton and I would say to them, “Here’s the ball guys. Go dominate!”

  • NOBS

    LJ, you forgot to add….”and Papa’s check will be in your lockers”.

  • osezno

    Charlie Bucket’s Mom,

    I don’t think you have to be worried about getting banned for picking on bruin trolls. Wolf has been online for a few hours posting and it’s a safe assumption that he’s red spedjones complaint. Lay off profanity and the trolls seem to be fair game.

    spedjones – In all honesty, it wasn’t an attack on you or your mother. More of a public service announcement to all the bruin faithful who may not know they are risking contracting disease every time they visit her.

  • spedjones

    haha – he’s “red” the complaint? Seriously now, is that what they teeched youse at SC?

    There was no complaint, but everybody knows Wolfie doesn’t read his own blog anyway. If we can all put up with SG throwing racist slurs at kids, I can certainly handle a lame joke about my mom. Cheet, I mean Cheat ON!

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Be careful guys. Sped is telling the teacher on us.