Practice time

USC practiced 3 hours and 10 minutes Friday, so the Trojans have practiced over nine hours in their first three practices. Practices are expected to be shorter when the Trojans don full pads, which is Sunday.

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  • Did anyone get their face broken?

  • osezno

    Uh oh, the breakout has hit BruWin’s central nervous system. Run over to ucla’s medical center and get yourself some antibiotics, don’t let it take over your brain!

  • anyone know the date of the last scrimmage at the Coliseum?

  • baddna

    Isn’t it a violation to practice for 3 hours more than once before full pads?

    Taken from NCAA Rules on College Football Safety and Training – Section 7:

    “All teams must have a minimum of ten (10) practice days prior to a game or scrimmage with another team. The first three (3) days of these ten (10) shall be non-contact. These three days are to be a conditioning period with no contact between players and the players will be allowed to wear only T-shirts/jersey, shorts, shoes, helmets, and shoulder pads. During this three day period, only one three (3) hour practice may be held.”

    A new secondary violation perhaps?

  • Bill

    Lame Kiffin must have attended one of Rich Rodriguez’s recent coaching seminars about practice time management!

    What a flippin joke!!

  • Stu


    Is that quote for real. Kiffin just started, and he’s already (1) been caught blatantly lying to recruits (2) gotten sued (3) committed NCAA violations on the heels of serious sanctions.

    Man — this is going to be a fun ride into the apocalypse for the Trogans.

  • baddna


    It’s true as far as I know. Here is teh link. You never know given the intranet but it looked legit at first glance.

  • Lame Kitten is clueless.