Kiffin Quote

Lane Kiffin was asked if he was concerned that bringing Stanley Havili back after a one-day suspension might be considered too light a punishment.
“I don’t concern myself with the perception of people outside the program,” Kiffin said.
He could have said it was a heavier sentence than Joe McKnight received when he punched Vidal Hazelton in a summer workout.

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  • 13-9

    Kiifin = Joke

    The guy just doesn’t get it.

    Cheat On!

  • EffScottWolf

    Hey 13-9,

    It’s amazing how much time you spend on this site. The best part is that you know all of our players, coaches, AD, asst AD…and I honestly have to think about who your starting QB is. I can’t even name your RB. Seriously.

    Good luck this year. Maybe you’ll be able to change your name to 3-9!

    “This was a serious case in which a football coaching staff, led by the former head football coach, in a calculated attempt to gain a recruiting advantage, pushed beyond the permissible bounds of legislation, resulting in a pattern of recruiting violations,” Tom Yeager, NCAA committee chairman, said regarding Slick Rick at Colorado.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    hmmm…was this the result Kiff had in mind when he showed the team compilation late hits and cheap shots from last year??

    with recent role models like sucker-punching Fata-Luga, it’s no wonder a Southern Cal “team leader” behaves in this manner!!

  • EffScottWolf

    Good one stupid.

  • I remember when Rey Mauluga beat to a pulp that 145 lb kid at a Halloween party, and Rey told that kid’s girlfriend after she threatened to call the police “go ahead and call them, WE OWN the police!”…well Carroll never suspended Maualuga even for a day.

    Carroll was widely criticized by the media as well and in the Orange County Register he was quoted as saying “I will run my program the way I see fit, and I will not suspend a player just because people think I should”. Well, Kiffin certainly learned from Carroll, because Havili was “suspended”? Havili has an injured hamstring muscle…why is Lame calling it a suspension? Lame is a complete joke and a disgrace to college football.

  • BoscoH

    Let’s just face it. With free agency in play, Kiff has to walk a fine line. Havili’s career at USC should not come to an end because of this incident. If Kiff punishes him significantly, it would make zero sense for Havili to tolerate a punishment when every college coach in the country would want him. Havili knows it, his parents know it, Kiff knows it, Wolf knows it, and the Bruin losers who troll here know it.

    It is what it is. Nobody would give a damn if the injury were just a black eye. Sometimes, people’s faces break when they get into fights.

  • spedjones

    Kiffin = 1 and done. Bank it.

  • SD Trojan 2

    spedjones = 0 and done in life. Already cashed it.

    Unless anyone defines success in life as trolling blogs wishing others ill will. Your parents must be very proud.

  • Gary O

    Kiffin got it right by suspending Havaili. The length of time was not as important as the the actual suspension. Plus Kiffin had to do something after apparently putting his playing Ostrich regarding this incident. By not doing anything this incident could easily have been strike two (the first being the lawsuit) in less than a month’s time.

  • NDLarry

    Gary O, do you really consider Havili missing team meetings for a day – when he has an aggravating injury to his hamstring – punishment, or suspension? a suspension = missed games not team meetings, that is actually rewarding savagery.

  • spedjones

    please, SD Trogan? Probably El Cajon Trogan? Maybe Lakeside Trogan? Certainly not RSF Trogan..