Harbaugh On USC Upset

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh was asked on San Francisco radio station KNBR how the perception of his program changed with the upset at USC:

“I don’t know exactly. I’m sure it’s the perception, the public perception, has benefited from that. It was a great win, but it was nine or 10 months ago. Internally, it’s irrelevant to us because in football you could’ve proved it a thousand times before. Every time you’ve got to go out and prove it again. You don’t think about the times you’ve proven it before.”

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  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    Perhaps 2007…but last year was no upset


    This guy is a throw-back to when coaches loved to act like kings and tell their subjects, the football player pawns, how to behave, think, act etc. I think I like the present coaches such as the Mike Rileys, Pete Carrolls etc more than the Bear Bryants and John Mckays etc.

    However, this ex-Michigan guy, who had a pretty average career, does make sense when he speaks of how it does not matter what you did for the last decade, the last year, or even the last minute. Times change quicker than the speed of light, and all that currently matters is what you are doing NOW.

  • scinsc5

    lawyer john–i agree. harbaugh is good fodder. something will happen though nfl, change schools, etc)

    we’ll see how he does without gerhart. even with gerhart last year, big wins over oregon and usc notwithstanding, they still lost five games(one without A. luck). ’07 was a booty nightmare aberration.

  • ThaiMex

    Law Clerk…

    You’re going to try and knock the guy because of his “pretty average career”?…while ignoring the career #’s your goof h/c has put up? Maybe you were just “trying” to be funny again…and it got lost. I do agree on the “NOW”part og your post…, because for NOW…you guys are not going to ANY BOWL.
    All you pom-pom wavers who said your second string FULLBACK TRANSFERRING earlier in the year was NO BIGGIE…well guess what…Havili’s discolated shouder is a problem now…and probably for the entire season. Which one of you yo-yo’s is going to start Boasting about your NEW WALK ON FULLBACK…and proclaim he’s better than the guy who left? Who’s still glad he left?
    Fite On!

  • Yoda

    correct you are, ThaiMex.

    coming home to roost, Southern Cal’s chickens are.

    or bad Karma, coming home to roost, hmmm?

    herh herh herh.

    much trouble for the trojans this season, i sense.

    meditate on this i will.

  • sureshot

    I don’t know about Harbaugh having a pretty average career. I certainly don’t like him beating us twice, but when he was at Michigan, he was one of my favorite players (anyone who plays Notre Dame and actually beats them is okay in my book). Compared to the greats of the game, he’s pretty average, but I’d love to have his career for myself.

    As a Raiders fan, I’d welcome Jim Harbaugh as head coach (light years ahead of Tom Cable). I also think he’s not long for Stanford. I’d predict Michigan, but after what he said about their admission standards, I’m pretty sure he’s not going there. And with the success his brother John is having with Baltimore, I think Jim’s future is in the NFL. I just hope the Crypt Keeper lets it happen.

  • scinsc5

    usc will be just fine if havili can’t play. fortunately fullback is a pretty easy position that requires less magic than QB and RB. we will miss havili and pray to the living god that he heals quickly.

  • uscmike

    Time to go to a one back offense? Or a LHB and RHB split behind the QB? Shoulder injuries tend to reoccur, especially for a FB.