Phone Logs

It’s not as easy being a USC coach as it used to be. Some coaches now carry a notepad with them to log every call on their cell phones because they must tell the compliance office who they spoke to, in order to make sure they do not call recruits more times than allowed.

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  • lbc trojan

    Perfect scoooop for Charlie Bucket to rave about!

    Wolf bringin’ the sweeeeeeetest scoops that no other journalist in America can!

    When I say SCOTT you say WOLF…. SCOTT! WOLF!


    … not sure why I come here anymore …

  • SoCal Native

    LOL! That was hilarious (and right on target)!!!

  • UCLA Dynasty

    You guys should be more appreciative Scott Wolf covers SUC the way he does. He’s been whipping out gems like this since back in the day as an ace reporter for the Daily Bruin and his weekly Bear Droppings column. His profile of JaManfred Jackson following the 94 season still brings a tear to my eye.


    UCLA Dynasty, do you remember JaManfred Jackson, too? I can’t find anything about him online. I thought Mother took me to the Rose Bowl in Van Nuys to see UCLA play USC, but now that long-ago Friday night seems to exist only in my memories… or my dreams of my memories… or my memories of my dreams…

    Even the sight of the great albino USC running back, Tank Padilla, aka White Lightning, seems to have slipped away like white smoke through my fingers…

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Of course I remember JaManfred, he’s my favorite Bruin player ever. And I most definitely was at the game when he CRUSHED Frode. Even better was when he finished the game without pads and laid out Tank Padilla.

    Get ready because the Bruin Dynasty is coming again and while some of the incoming recruits will never replace JaManfred, they will come close and start blowin fools up on the field.

  • troganfan

    Does Dillon Baxter have to keep a phone log too?


    UCLA Dynasty, I’m glad I didn’t imagine the whole thing, and yet, something doesn’t make sense. Why are these players’ names not on the internet? Why is the Rose Bowl suddenly in Pasadena, rather than Van Nuys? And why was I watching that game on a Friday night, rather than on a Saturday?

    Could it be that Mother… lied to me? Were we even at the Rose Bowl? I must marinate on this, as Yoda likes to say.

    P.S. to troganfan — that was a good Dilon Baxter phone joke, spedjones would be proud.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    I don’t get the Dillion Baxter phone joke. Is he a coach?

  • NOBS

    Westboob and Fuclatraviaty are dating.

  • lbc trojan

    Wow, a comments section (on the INSIDE USC blog) comprised of nothing but bRuins. Nice going, Westwood Rob and UCLA “Dynasty” …must be a TERRIFIC bRuin team you’re looking forward to in the Rose Bowl.
    Oh wait…..

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    Shouldn’t IPhone have an App for that?

  • scinsc5

    usc 13-0 or ucla 2-10? better chance of happening this year?