Full-Time Safety

Although he entered training camp as a cornerback, freshman Demetrius Wright will play safety this season full-time.

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  • ThaiMex

    Seems a little odd that Brandon Willis transfers to YOU KNOW WHERE…and didn’t consider joining KIFFY..after KIFFY recruited him while at TENN. The kid probably has those”Character issues” you guy’s refer to when someone decides he doesn’t want to get caught up in all The Character Issues at S.C.
    This could be your YEAR!

  • TROJAN23

    Thaimex belongs in either Thailand or Mexico..

  • ThaiMex

    Perhaps most of the S.C. football program is made up of those with severe Character Issues. Kiffy?, Orgeron?, Baxter?, Ambles?, Havili?, Barkley?, Kiffy sr.?…not counting, of course, the dozen or so recruits who were recruited and signed before finally coming out of their stupors and realizing just how screwed up this INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING IS.
    TROGAN23…you belong in the Senoritas Composition Class @ Trade Tech. Your material is WEAK…even by Trade Tech standards.

  • Keith15

    I guess this means there is something positive happening at the other corner spot (opposite Sharice Wright) with Torrin Harris. Definitely have an issue at safety (with depth) and if we can move an athlete back there it has to be a good thing.
    Side note: Why don’t people on here comment about blog posts, but rather just go off about tired subjects like sanctions, cheating, Kiffin or pro-UCLA BS? Weird.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    ThaiMex: i second that comment about weak-sauce trOJie comments. without visiting Bruins bringing some wit and guts to this blog it would founder like…like…like the Southern Cal Athletic Dept!!

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Brothers Bucket and ThaiMex, ever since God sent me a message to get off that USC bandwagon by divinely causin’ USC to lose to Arizona at the end of last season, I have been tryin’ to preach the truth to these Trojan fools, but they simply will not hear it.

    USC football is afflicted not just with character issues, but with issues of the soul.

    Maybe these Trojans will see the light when the fruits of their football program wither on the vine, while the mustard seed planted by Coach Rick will grow into a mighty program that will provide nests for many crystal footballs.

    Christians, you know what I’m talkin’ about! Can I get an AMEN?


    I guess the posts are off-subject because the above-information about a freshman was not overly exhilerating.

    Ugly Bucket lectures us about how this blog would “founder” without his “wit.” Actually, he meant ‘flounder,’ an error which is kind of funny, and the only time I can recall Ugly being witty, albeit by accident.


    Lawyer John, you are off your game lately!

    The verb “founder” means to fall, sink, get wrecked, or otherwise FAIL! As in, “the ship foundered on the rocks.” Put down the Black’s Law Dictionary and pick up a Webster’s!


    Westwood Rob, I won’t debate the point, but it is refreshing to see you come down from your schtick, if but for a moment.

    You obviously are no dumbbell but your posts are…trying to be delicate here…well, they are becoming a tad monotonous, and most posters are choosing not to read you any more.

    Still, all-in-all, have a great weekend!


    What schtick?

  • PowderBluePanties


  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    oh so sugar sweeeeeet! the big fat blow bag crashes and burns AGAIN!!! a few days ago, the Paralegal was so impressively quoting “the Barb” and now he corrects my usage of the word “founder”!!!

    ouch! it must really sting to have two attempts at wit blow up in your face in such a short span!!!

    reminiscent of the SLowthinker correcting my use of the nattering nabob reference and attributing it to Richard Nixon!!

    oh when will you trOJies learn, when it comes to charm and wit (and looks, but don’t ask for my picture i wont send it weirdoes) no one can challenge the ChuckerBucker!!!!


    here’s an extra added Friday bonus for you trOJies on account of i’m red hot and can’t be beat!!

    during the Elizabethan period (that of the mentado Bard that the Paralegal was trying for) many comedies had characters who make fools of themselves by misusing words in a amusing way while trying to sound more educated than they actually were; for example they might say “no is more impotent than i!!” this is known as a malapropism! The ultimate malapropism occurred when a dumbbell character tries to correct the hero of the play (usually one characterized by his charm and wit, ring a bell?) and pulls a malapropism!

    So ironically, the Paralegal has unwittingly becomes the personification of the stereotype doofus so common to the plays attributed to Shakespeare, or “the Barb, as the Paralegal calls him!!! well i’m off to the ocean now to see if i can hook a founder!!

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    amen, brother Dupree!!!

    but i must caution you, brother…if you aim to save the sinister souls of these Southern Cal heathens, you will need an army of angels, psychologists, police and Bruins to do the job, and even then there is no guarantee of success!!!!

    brother wolf has devoted his life to saving these cretins and look how they treat him!!! they are like Linda Blair firing pea soup at him all day!!

    i am reaching one hand out to you brother Dupree, and the other hand out to the trOJies who need it so desperately!!! double amen!!!!

  • scinsc5

    breaking news…despite sanctions, trojans football getting stronger! it’s miraculous. praise the living god my friends!!

  • NJ Trojan

    @Keith15: You’re right. The S group is pretty thin. Starling will start at SS & McDonald will start at FS. Jones will back up McDonald at FS, so the two-deep at FS looks pretty good. McAllister was penciled in to back up Starling at SS but he hasn’t gotten over the hip injury. Hall was supposed to provide depth at strong safety but he hasn’t gotten over the knee injury. So they’ll HAVE to turn to true FR Demetrius Wright to back up Starling at FS (but I’m sure that Jones would be first off the bench at either position) unless they moved a CB over. It looks like true FR Bailey will red shirt along with Hall, no? Walk-on Ryan McMahon would be next up. He might not be bad but let’s hope McAllister heals up within a few weeks.

  • scinsc5

    why haven’t we offered marqise lee yet. continue that serra pipeline?

  • scinsc5

    plus we have anthony brown, the mamba coming in next year for lock down duty, blackmon from fontana, atkinson, etc.

    search your feelings bruins, you know it to be true

  • ThaiMex

    Keep killing ’em Ghost!.. as a result, ParaCLERK can’t seem to get his foot out of his mouth. MOST EXCELLENT!

    Dear science V…Maybe you didn’t learn anything this year..VERBALS mean absolutely NOTHING! With you guys….attending classes and working out with the team, means absolutely nothing! Look at the list of Verbals and signees that decided to BAIL. Verbals shouldn’t be taken seriously…no more than your prediction for an undefeated season.
    This could be your Year!
    Fit On!

  • scinsc5

    we only lost silly purse-snatching verbals last year, and a few due to sanctions that won’t happen again. this usc staff will lock down recruiting lock the mamba will lock down the corner and the heisman for his home town’s team. you are the delusional one to think usc’s verbals won’t stick.

    dream on buddy while wasting our tax-payer money. we need to tea-party your program

  • ThaiMex

    science V
    When Mamba signs with another…will he still have Heisman like athletic ability or will you say he has character issues, and wouldn’t have started anyway?

    This could be YOUR YEAR!
    Fit on!
    ( did knobs mom catch him looking at PORN again and cut off his internet access?)

  • scinsc5

    the mamba has no character issues which is exactly why he will come to usc. his character is top-notch. he embraces defense the way bradford and gable should have. maybe malcom jones and anthony barr should too? looks like deitrich riley has and it’s paying off.

  • NJ Trojan

    @scinsc5: Yeah, I don’t know why Kiffin hasn’t offered Lee. I noticed that Neuheisel hasn’t offered him either. He’s only played football for a couple of years but he appears to have the right size and ball-hawking instincts. Monte Kiffin’s safeties need to be big hitters though. Maybe the guy isn’t a big hitter? And Tampa-2 safeties have to be blazing fast, which this kid is not. Scout has his time in the 40 at 4.62. That ain’t bad but it’s slow for a safety less than 200 lbs.

  • scinsc5

    good points NJ re Marqise Lee and Monte. With mamba, blackmon, atkinson, etc. coming in to join jawanza, nickell, torin, tj, etc., we should have a dominant secondary for years.

  • Sh**Bucket – If you are going to attempt to sound erudite, learn to use the English language. You write like a high school freshman — an illiterate one.

    “the ultimate malapropism occurred when a dumbbell character tries to correct the hero” Occurred and tries?? Your verb tenses don’t agree.

    “by misusing words in a (sic) amusing way” The proper article is “an”.

    I won’t even mention your horrendous contextual misuse of malapropism. You really aren’t that smart and it shows. Go back to remedial English… for a few years.

    TiedUpMexi – Three tips: Qudate en tu propia casa maricn! Learn to properly capitalize. Learn to spell in Espaol. Do you even know where the tilde key is located? It’s rare to see failure straddle two cultures.

    BruinSlob — Go back to West Covina. That is punishment enough for you.

    By the way sUCLA homies, did you see the nice rip on that poser Norm Chow by Vince Bonsignore, the real reporter at the DN. Let’s catch up at the end of the season when we see if your bRUINS work their way up to 6-6.

  • ThaiMex

    Dear Bloated Colostomy Bag…

    maricon? no more than those cream sweater wearing pretty boys doing MANLY PUSH UPS that represent your very fine institution of semi professional athletics!(and least i forget about the flaming bronze gay horse-no offense to gay’s- you worship)
    I’ve been called worse by better people…Seems to me it’s best to let the cards fall as they may…After all…if it looks like a Pig, sounds like a pig, and smells like a pig…It’s probably a pig. Kiffy has a track record. Your institution also has a very colorful recent history. Your football program is full of those w/character issues. I suspect in the near future, the planets will align, and you guys will again screw up, resulting in serious consequences. (sorry science V…the appeal will result in NOTHING CHANGING except further angering the NCAA and its representatives).
    Lastly..if you’re looking for error free composition…might i suggest you get off this board and spend more time in the classroom with those who are more interested in your trivial pursuits, rather than the topics brought forth on this site.
    I think your bag sprang a leak…I can smell you from here.
    This could be YOUR YEAR..
    Fite on!