Manning On Kiffin


Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, who played at Tennessee, was asked by radio host Dan Patrick what he would say to Lane Kiffin:
“It’d probably be a short conversation. I certainly got to know him when he was the head coach at Tennessee. I don’t have anything personal against him. But I think the one thing where Tennessee, as a whole group was kind of hurt, our pride was hurt, was that we didn’t think that Tennessee was a transition job.
“I’ve always thought and the big orange nation thought that Tennessee was a destination job. Unless you were fired or retired, that was the place to be. … I wish Lane the best of luck there at Southern Cal and I’m sure he’ll do a good job.”

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  • UCLA Dynasty

    Peyton will always be remembered as one of the all-time UCLA greats for his 4-0 record against SUC and the 20-game win streak. If not for Miami and Fred Taylor’s amazing day he’d have a national championship ring to go with his Super Bowl.


    UCLA Dynasty, did Payton Manning go to UCLA? I didn’t even know! Better run tell dat! Was he before or after QB Golan Globus?

    I bet his conversation with Lane Pimpin’ would be a short one because Manning would not be able to resist beating Lane with a club and leaving him for dead!! Then he would hop in his Manning-mobile and speed off to go crush Pete Carol’s Seahawks!!!

  • SoCal Native

    A level-headed comment by a level-headed guy. Almost hard to believe Manning attended Tennessee.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    When Kiffin was asked about how he felt about trolls from UCLA on his team’s blog: “Who?”

    Way be classy Peyton. USC is THE destination job. These powder blue ladies have something to learn from a classy individual like yourself.

  • Fighton

    Substitute Peyton with Cade McNown, and Fred Taylor, who went to Florida, with Miami RB Edgerin James, and then UCLA Dynasty would have his facts right, but still an irrelavant post.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Yes, Manning followed Globus. Globus was part of the JaManfred Jackson team in 1994 and then Manning started as a true freshman in 95.

  • spedjones

    If USC were really “the” destination job, would Lane Freakin Kiffin be the coach right now?

  • Trojan Conquest

    A perfect example of why these blogs are becoming more and more irrelevant. (Fighton….here’s a tip, use the google bar when you’re not sure about the spelling)

  • osezno

    Classy statement by Manning.

  • gkyc5stars

    UCLA OLines stop crying. The USC defenxe is coming….hahahaaaa to Mr. Norm Chowmain. What can Choamain do against USC defense line with Pee Wee Wiliams twin brothers.

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    Kiffin on Manning: Had he gome to Ole Miss rather than Tennessee, he’s wouldn’t be the 3rd best QB in his family.

  • gkyc5stars…what? I didn’t understand your post, can you please post it in English?

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Brother Peyton has obviously learned from his former coach, Brother Tony Dungy, who is, like me, a man of faith. It’s like I was explaining yesterday — choosy muthas choose J.I.F.F., meaning Justice, Integrity, Faith, and then Football.

    This philosophy has served Dungy and Manning well, and it will serve Brother Neuheisel well, and just like God’s forgiveness, it’s always there if you seek it and repent… even for you, Lane Pimpin!

    But you must turn away from Whore-itage Hall, and turn to THE LORD!

  • kptrojan

    Peyton has and always shows something that Wolfee is sorely lacking in, and that’s “CLASS”.

  • BoscoH

    If it makes Peyton feel any better, we’re all looking forward to singing Rocky Top all night long after we clobber the Bruins.

  • Dirk Diggler

    I decided to stop checking the comments on this website on a regular basis, in fact I seldom check this website anymore. But to test my theory, I decided to see if a post about Peyton Manning taking the high road about Kiffin would devolve into immature babble from Bruin fans trying to egg on Trojans, who too often take the bait. Well I was wrong, it didn’t devolve at all. IT STARTED OFF THAT WAY. This website is dead to me. I guess I should say fight on, and then go take a shower.


    Well, I guess you’ll have to depart this blog for a forum with the kind of class and dignity that befits a man with the handle “Dirk Diggler”.

  • Fighton

    Trojan Conquest:

    Glad you could get some time in between teaching 7th grade gym to correct my spelling. Next time a spelling test is given at work I hope I pass.

    Fight on, douchebag.

  • NOBS

    As usual, Peyton has more class than Scott Wolf.

  • uscmike

    WEB Dupree: “and it will serve Brother Neuheisel well….”

    Peddlin’ false hope again, eh Reverend?

  • usctrojanmarkus

    peyton is a good guy…

    with that said, i can’t wait for tennessee to molest the bruins this year.

    :::tickled feet:::

  • Trojan Conquest

    Dude, a little touchy. Just trying to help you out so you don’t look like an idiot.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Fighton……..honestly, not trying to be a dick. I’m not the greatest speller, and without spell check I’m lost. Then I realized I could use the google bar.

  • Fighton

    Trojan Conquest..Thanks.

    9 days till Gameday.

    11 days until ucla loses to K-St.

  • Free_Thinker

    I agree with TC. But when it comes to dealing with the trolls, I try to be a dick.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Free Thinker = For the win.