Pac-10 Predictions

ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit picked Stanford to win the Pac-10. His colleague, Lou Holtz, picked USC.

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  • scinsc5

    on college game day today, herbstreit seemed to qualify it saying if usc can’t win the pac-10 due to sanctions, then stanford will win it.

    why is it taking patrick hall so long to recover from injury? i saw a photo of him and it seems like he’s not spending enough time in the weight room.

  • Free_Thinker

    Herbstreit hates SC. The guy played for Ohio State. I would expect that.

    Holtz answer is more telling. He’s someone who actually coached at a high level.

  • scinsc5

    the real experts know more about where to vote usc, although i have them closer to #1 or #2:

    6. USC. The Trojans can’t go to the Rose Bowl, or any bowl. Whatever. They’ll still trot out by the most talented lineup in the Pac-10, notably in a passing game that surrounds up-and-coming sophomore Matt Barkley with an absurd cachet of elite freshman talent (Robert Woods, Kyle Prater, Dillon Baxter, Markeith Ambles) to complement senior deep threat Ronald Johnson. After last year’s relative swoon to 26 points per game under one-and-done coordinator Jeremy Bates, this should be a more explosive, self-assured attack as Barkley begins to emerge from his freshman shell.

    Even critics who don’t want to set Lane Kiffin on fire still seem to imagine he’s as gaffe-prone on the sideline as he’s been in front of a microphone. But all we have to go on is one 7-5 campaign at Tennessee, which basically proved Lane is at least capable of upholding the status quo for a year or two. (And he did manage the Herculean task of turning Jonathan Crompton into a draft-worthy quarterback.) Here, the status quo for the time being is still as the supremely talented conference overlord. The gaps in the offensive line and secondary drop this group a notch or two below any of Pete Carroll’s perennial national contenders, but the pieces are still in place (for now) to retake the Pac-10 and with Oregon and Notre Dame both coming to L.A., the Trojans should still be favored in every game, as always.

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  • scinsc5

    i just read that derron thomas will start the first game for oregon and not nate kosta, and that is after i watched desmond howard stumble through attempting to explain that kosta was good while predicting the ducks to win the pac-10. the ducks will suffer this year. they might be better next year with aaron corp, but corp can’t run like dixon or masoli and he might get hit really hard.

  • Rusty Buckets

    …and ucla is still irrelevant

  • sureshot

    SC5, do you know something the rest of us don’t? Is Corp transferring from Richmond or are you mixing him up with someone else?

  • scinsc5

    i’m just mixing it up, just predicting

  • NOBS

    Cheers for Granny

  • ThaiMex

    You mean the Schlame Looo Holtsch who picked NOTRE DAME to go UNDEFEATED 2 years ago? That Lou Holtz? Now you fools embrace this idiot…the same guy who’s brain appears to be SCRAMBLED?
    Excellent! I’m sure he’ll end up on the short list to replace KIFFY in 3 years..after all in 3 years he’s only going to be more credible and SMARTER/SHARPER. You guy’s are a little desperate for good news if you’re getting excited about Lou and his dementia.
    This could be YOUR YEAR!
    Fit on!

  • Free_Thinker


  • ThaiMex

    freethinker might want to consider changing his handle to BLOCK HEAD. Open a window..appears you could use a little fresh air.
    This could be YOUR YEAR!

  • charlie buckets mother

    Hey ThaiMex, do us all a favor and open that window for Free_Thinker. After he gets a bit of fresh air, throw yourself out that same window.