Answer Monday!

No, we did not forget to answer all the questions from the Open Forum.

Q: oneohsixseven said:
What (if any) improvements have been made at the Coliseum?

A: When I was there last week it was hard to notice. But I’ve heard there were supposed to some changes made to the gates to make it easier to access. There were some other changes that were made but I’ll need to double check before I say they actually happened.

Q: lbc trojan said:
Why didn’t you answer the last open forum questions?

A: I got caught up in training camp and never was able to finish answering those questions. If you had a question you needed answered, send it to me again.

Q: Ghost of Charlie Bucket said:
wolf, last month you sweeeet scooped about Kiff making Barks his Player Media Rep at Pac-10 day. it would appear that elevated Barks to some extent as more of an “team leader”. we all agree leadership is important to a team, yet since that time, Barks has made several comments that could easily be construed (and have by many trOJans) as critical or dismissive of his teammates play during scrimmages, especially his several comments concerning Mitch Mustian’s numbers looking inflated because he faced the 2nd team defense.

This just does not sound like the humble and lovable Barks from last year. Since you are there on the field first hand, seeing Barks’ interaction with the team, do you think this new “snide Barks” is a misperception of a few quotes? or do you think there is a lack of leadership with Barks, Havili etc?

A: I don’t think his attitude has changed. I think he’s just been a little more direct on the topic of the scrimmages because he got frustrated with the lack of live tackling, which meant he got sacked several times he thought he would get away. And he felt he was under a heavier pass rush than the second-team offense. So it’s probably just being older and more comfortable expressing an opinion. He’s still positive around the team.

Q: uscmike said:
Does punching a teammate in the face in the heat of practice merit a greater punishment from the university than being late and smoking dope in the dorm room? Any thoughts on the disparity of the respective punishment levied against Havili and Baxter is greatly appreciated. As always, thanks for the forum [well, when you answer the questions ;-)]

A: Well. we will need to see if student conduct makes Dillon Baxter do anything else following the DPS report that said he was under the influence of a controlled substance. From a football standpoint, Pete Carroll didn’t really do anything to Joe McKnight with a similar situation two years ago as when Stanley Havili punched T.J. Bryant. It’s really up to the coach to decide which transgression is worse.

Q: Champion said:
Which players will redshirt this season?

A: Maybe less than in other years but it depends on injuries. Tailback D.J. Morgan should redshirt. Lineman Giovanni Di Paolo should redshirt. Linebacker Hayes Pullard will likely redshirt. Quarterback Jesse Scroggins should redshirt. Safety Demetrius Wright should redshirt unless he is needed on special teams. Same with cornerback Anthony Brown.

Q: MRSAM said:

In an episode of Hard Knocks where Joe McKnight’s attitude and work ethic are criticized and Mark Sanchez shows an attitude, there are jokes at USC because of Joe McKnight’s attitude. I think this is the issue of USC under Pete Carroll where he never was tough on his stars and he favored them. Does this display by the players on the show of bad work ethic and attitude show USC in a bad way to the world and does this reflect on Pete Carroll’s lack of stricter rules towards of not being hard on players and protecting his stars too much?

A: I think McKnight did receive pretty favorable treatment from Carroll. There’s been a buzz in the NFL for a few years that some players did not pan out in the league because they were treated too easily by Carroll. I think this is a good example. Another one is Dwayne Jarrett.

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