Answer Monday! (Part 2)

More questions answered today.

Q: Pop Goes The Weasel said:
Scott, could you tell us all you know about the Baxter telephone calls, like , were there really any, were they made by boosters of some school, do we lack info as to who they were from, just anything you know or have heard. Thanks very much and glad to have you back.

A: I understand ESPN did a story saying it was all a hoax. What I do know is that Baxter told a coach he received phone calls from those schools when the sanctions were announced and even now does not back down from version of events to his friends. He has been told not to speak about it to the media. The coach informed compliance and eventually Mike Garrett wrote a letter of apology to the schools.

Who are the three freshmen who are academically ineligible?

A: With Jesse Scroggins and Demetrius Wright now cleared, the only freshman that will not make it academically is fullback Soma Vehikite.

Q:osezno said:
Many say that the NCAA based it’s decision on questionable testimony and evidence (or lack thereof) and that in a court of law it would not hold up. If USC loses it’s appeal to the NCAA would it be able to sue the NCAA in an actual court of law and if so, would they?

A: They could theoretically sue the NCAA. But I doubt new athletic director Pat Haden wants to start a fight with the NCAA to start his tenure at USC especially after the steps USC’s taken (firing Todd McNair, Mike Garrett) under new president Max Nikias.

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  • dtksr1

    Well……………. I hope the new leadership (and their best friends) view a total acceptance (laying down) is not the response they will ultimately take to above reasonable sanctions for what happened. What does that say?

  • TrojanPete

    This was my concern as soon as Haden’s hiring was announced–that he would put his reputation above all else, even if it means sacrificing the justice that our school deserves. For what we did wrong, we should get commensurate punishment. But the NCAA did a sloppy job in their “investigation” in trying to prove that USC knew about Bush’s improper benefits. The NCAA has rigged the appeals process to make sure schools can’t get a judgment overturned. All the rhetoric from Haden and McKay is that they “can’t wait until June 2014 when the penalties expire”. This is one situation where we need to combine Pat Haden’s intelligence with Mike Garrett’s swagger. Let the NCAA know that the school will fight for justice until the end, even if it means going beyond the rigged Appeals process but don’t say crap like “you’re all jealous that you’re not Trojans”. Haden and Nikias need to know that this issue is about our school, and that they need to fight for our school and not their reputation among those who gave us unfair punishments based on an unfair process and “facts” that are not true.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    I do not claim to be an insider, but my wife’s uncle has been a USC professor for many years, and I was talking with him this weekend about Nikias. His impression of Nikias is that Nikias cares more about USC overtaking UCLA in the U.S. News rankings than about anything the football team could ever do. He thinks Nikias simply has no interest in the football program and does not care much about it, so long as it’s not getting itself into further trouble and causing additional scandals.

    If you guys are all getting your hopes up that Nikias is going to greenlight an expensive legal fight against the NCAA, rather than just letting the sanctions run their course, you’re probably all going to be disappointed.