Kiffin On Kiffin

“He had no idea or desire to coach defense.”
— Monte Kiffin on his son, Lane, preferring offense during his childhood

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  • BoscoH

    Scott, if you asked the question that led to that answer, Free_Thinker has to clean your tires with his tongue and his dinner shirt for a year. Classic.

  • JAG

    So does this correspond to period of his life just after he wanted to be a pirate, but before he wanted to be a fireman?

  • dtksr1

    I think one of the biggest question marks this team will face is not necessarily how the talent will play, but how the play calling will either help or hurt the team. We saw how play calling hurt the team last year…….

  • NOBS

    Lil Kiff knew about as much about defense as Scott Wolf still knows about journalism.