Morning Buzz

Here’s my video report on some coaching questions going into the season opener against Hawaii.

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  • lbc trojan

    Well that was insightful……

    z Z z Z z……..

    PS. There are FIVE lineman in the “Wild Bunch” statue, not four, scotty.

  • BoscoH

    I’m hoping Charlie Cleaning Bucket will post a video response.

  • “Count” Smackula

    wolf, you continue to simply amaze…

    this video report is innovative, exciting, dynamic…
    excellent! now everyone knows why Jim Hill, Petros, ESPN, etc, scramble to get wolf on the air!!

    sweeeeeeeeet VIDEO scooops?? have i died and gone to heaven?? someone punch me! i mean, pinch me!

    wolf the only thing that could have made this better (and it was nearly flawless, believe me) was if at the end you suddenly busted out in a classic wolf wolf-howl: AUUUUUUUUUUU-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    otherwise, it was……sublime

  • JAG

    Wolf has a good face for newspaper.

  • LanceKiffin

    C’mon Wolf, can we get some sort of warning…my kid is still crying “make the monster go away.”

  • USC Anteater

    SW, in the future please do your video reports with the USC Song Girls practicing in the background. I keep expecting that statue to grab you.

  • Trojan 70

    Goodness gracious, a video report from Scott Wolf! Welcome to 2010 SW. What a way to start the day…

  • arealrascal

    Thanks for all the clichs, Wolfie! And that Nike-wearing statue of Ernie “Johnson” at Syracuse story? Classic, but flawed. Anyone ever heard of Ernie DAVIS?

  • TroyMan

    Typical negative bent. Get some help Scott.

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey says Scott has a face for print and should stay in that media. The Donkey feels that Scott’s voice is not for radio and should stay away from the mike and that Scott’s mug should definitively stay away from video.

    The Donkey encourages Scott to do one thing: Print. And do it right.

  • Michael Protos

    Please don’t do that again.


    Ha! Over on Gold’s UCLA blog, Gold posts interviews with big-time stars and Coach Rick, while your USC blogger posts an interview with himself! What a great day to be a Troxan!

    Taste it!

  • Bobo

    “make the monster go away”…lance, i’m still laughing on that one – best post on this blog in long time.

    Scott, I appreciate the effort. Apparently, the video blogs are a big hit with Gold’s audience, but my understanding is that they work because he’s bringing his audience access to players and coaches not access to Jon Gold.

    In humble opinion, the content carries the day and what you posted was rubbish. Not only did it contain factual inaccuracies but was loaded with master of the obvious commentary/opinions that were virtually meaningless: “Lane Kiffin, the offense, and the defense have a lot to prove and if they don’t well, fans will be upset since Hawaii isn’t a highly ranked team.” I overheard my 5-year old son telling his buddies the same thing.

    Give it another shot and please try to post something insightful.

  • uscmike

    Looks like Scott’s lower jaw drifts to the viewer’s left. TMJ anyone?

    I didn’t know TNT’s Ernie Johnson played for Syracuse. šŸ˜‰ Also, how can he claim there are four players represented in the statue when there are five?
    In journalism, there is phrase called “gross factual errors.” He had at least two in the span of three minutes. Plus, the lighting was poor. The substance was not much better.

  • T4

    Hey Scotty, where did you get those frameless Sun Glasses? they are cool man.

  • DiamondD

    No sarcasm here…glad to see Scott back doing commentary on camera. It’s too bad most of you probably thrive off of the douchebags on ESPN. There is more hair gel than quality work being on done for their coverage these days.

    Scott is one of LA County’s own. Sweatshirt, jeans and no agendas other than to inform. I’ve seen him walk by a few of the whisperers on this site at USC events and their lip was suddenly buttoned shut. Embarassing. (Do have to commend others I have been with who have brought their criticism forward to him in person in a professional manner.)

  • NOBS

    Scotty, PLEASE cover the camera! PLEASE

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Get the pedo bear off campus!

    Scotty = Tool.

    But a loveable loser he is.

    I wonder if his buddy chucky bucky and Petros were filming him and giving him the old tug under the camera…

    So much hate Scott. Tsk tsk… Sacred cows indeed…

  • “Count” Smackula

    DiamondD, you really hit that nail on the head!! glad to see some classy trOJies around this blog! sometimes it appears the animosity towards wolf around her borders on mania!

    in his groundbreaking video report, wolf gives not only sweeeeeet scooops, but an astonishing history lesson!!

    i would wager a large cup of coffee that none of the nattering nabobs knew the backstory about the Mild Bunch’s pin heads and how they had to decapitate them like thanksgiving turkeys and weld on bigger melons to make them fit for public viewing…my question is: what did they do with the old heads??

    wolf, you’ve done it again!!!

  • TruBruin

    Typical Toejam
    Does a “video report” of himself…what typing out that report you were unable to include your mundane monotone style