No Aloha Visit

Lane Kiffin canceled Wednesday’s walkthrough at Aloha Stadium. A pre-game visit to the opposing stadium was always a big part of Pete Carroll’s itinerary on road trips but Kiffin said Monday he would do some things differently. Now we know one for sure.

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  • Blue Bruin

    Not sure this makes a ton of sense. I recall a bunch of chatter in recent days about certain particularities involved with the stadium. How could a walk-through at the grounds hurt? However, eliminating the offensive-lineman, socks-wearing touch football game (a Carroll favorite) is probably OK)

  • NOBS

    Big waste of time. Miles away from the resort. Why waste pool time?

  • NOBS

    I miss NDLarry and la la crappy. : (

  • “Count” Smackula

    sweeeeeeet scooopin’ wolf!! no detail, no matter how small, seems to escape your keen eye this year!! you are still taking your game to a whole ‘nother level!!!

    i miss chuckybucky, Yo-Duh, Brother Dupree, thaimex and rodney guillory….oh wait, they are all part of wolf’s “secret cadre”!! keeep oooooooon scoooopin’ guys!!!!!

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Pssst! Count, pass the word: the secret cadre is having a meeting Thurs. @ 8pm at Dear John’s at Culver Blvd. and Sepulveda. Those Trojan fools will be busy watching their team lose to Hawaii.

    Be there or be square, Brother Count!

  • norcaltroy



  • “Count” Smackula

    see you there, Brother Dupree! could it be an unexpectedly early aloha to the trOJies AP champeenship hopes?? or a blow out of the Rainbow Warriors that will create a false sense of invincibility for the trOJies??

    by the way, does cadre mean one guy or a bunch of guys? now i’m confused! and are we still wolf? if so, is a wolf howl mandatory? or is the cadre one “insider” who does wolf’s bidding?

    exactly what insidious machinations are afoot to vex and confound trOJie nation??

    i would post the question on Open Forum, but wolf has already publicly denied any knowledge whatsoever of the Cadre.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Kiffin = all business = 13 win season…

    New Weasel can take his powder blue buddies to the country bar the night before the game and serenade them with his sweet love songs…

  • ThaiMex

    Brothers Smack & DuPree…I wish i could join you in tipping few this thursday. I’m proud to be a part of this very fine fraternity. Unfortunately…as my “handle” suggests,…I live far away in the EASTERN part of the world. It appears i will be sending a representative on my behalf. He knows the SECRET HANDSHAKE. Trust in him!
    Dear Johns …terrific establishment…
    I will be there in spirit.
    Fite on Trogans!

  • RodneyGuillory

    Shout out to Count Smackula for contributing quality post after post!

    I’m making the trip fellas…see ya in the locker room!! No harm no foul!!

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Hey, can Westwood Rob and I join you guys at Dear John’s? I’ll be the guy in the JaManfred Jackson throwback jersey.

  • “Count” Smackula

    UCLA Dynasty: Absolutely! wow! the Cadre is like the Defenders from the comic books: individual superheroes who band together on short notice to combat against evil weirdoes!!

    Separately i have also received RSVP’s from P. Crewe, and Yoda’s Attorney will be attending. Yo-Duh himself is currently suppressing an uprising in the Rishi Maze, so his attendance is tenuous at this time.

    the Cadre is growing in strength!! but we’re still only one guy! i can’t wait to hear the sublime sound of our wolf howls in unison!! the sugar sweeeeet team-howl will be heard from trOJies home turf Exposition Park to the hallowed confines of Royce Hall!!