Quick Thinking


Wide receiver Ronald Johnson said on his 89-yard punt return for a TD.
“For a moment, I was like, maybe I should fair-catch it. I made a full-speed decision.”

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  • BoscoH

    I haven’t seen someone look like a man among boys like he did on that return since Big Mike Williams’ one hand grab at the back of the end zone. Reggie was like a video game, but you had to *play* the video game. RoJo’s punt return was like a video game in demo mode. I felt like I’d just watched Michael Jordan launch a game winning shot against the Munchkins after Dorothy’s house landed on the wicked witch. I am still looking for my teeth 14 hours later. Fight On RoJo!

  • scinsc5

    if usc really wanted to field it’s best team, rojo should play both ways, cornerback/wr. lane needs to put his out of the bax hat on and make it happen. it will give rojo a chance to enhance his nfl curriculum vitae

  • lbc trojan

    can you stop using “cirriculum vitae” in every other post?
    ha ha ha…

  • BoscoH

    Besides, in the NFL, they call it “putting it on film”.