Welcome To USC

USC coach Lane Kiffin surrendered more points in a season opener than any coach except John Robinson, who gave up 46 against Missouri in 1976. Robinson lost that game but won every game afterward that season.

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  • NW Trojan69

    I wonder how awkward it will be for Lane to hand Monty his pink slip?

  • DixieTrojan

    As long as all the rest of the teams on USC’s schedule pinky swear never to call any pass plays against them, USC will go undefeated.

    On a serious note, it’s just the first game. Last year after the SJSU game I thought USC was a lock to win the national championship. And after the Oregon-Boise State game, I thought the Ducks would be terrible. Were those assumptions ever wrong. There’s time to improve.

    Now, if the Cavaliers and Gophers go through SC like Hawaii did… then winning games in the Pac might be almost impossible.

  • SoCal Native

    Yes, it was their first game after spending training camp and the game week preparations not tackling anyone. Did it add the problems? Yes, obviously. We will see what corrections they make on the defensive side (and there are many) but one has to wonder why they looked so unprepared and undisciplined. I’d hate to be facing Coach O today after that performance. Now get us the scoop of what he says in what I’m sure will be a closed door yellfest and all will be forgiven, Scooter.