Answer Wednesday! (Part 2)

Yet even more defensive questions.

Q: JAG said:
How in the hell did Matt Barkley and CO. struggle so much in practice against the USC’s #1 D? Please rate in Euros:

1. They were playing touch football
2. USC’s D matches up much better against USC’s O
3. Fatigue wasn’t a factor in practice
4. Hawaii’s O is just that much better than USC’s
5. No idea

Q: gotroy22 said:
Do you think Monte Kiffin’s Cover 2 defense can stop spread offenses like Oregon uses or is it only effective against pro-style offenses?

A: That is the critical question this season. I asked Kiffin about it and he said he’s faced the spread. I do remember when he went to Tennessee he flew to Los Angeles in the summer to go over defending the spread with Pete Carroll. He also believes the defense will be better by the Oregon game because it will be more experienced.

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  • lbc trojan

    Tough break JAG.

  • scinsc5

    wolfie needs to skip stupid/repetitive questions

  • JAG

    Wolf actually rated the Euros as I would have. As a media person, I thought he might take the bait (like Davie did) and blame it on Lane’s tackle-free (touch football) policy. Although tackles were missed, the bigger problem, IMO, is that players weren’t well positioned to make the tackles. Personally, I’d probably have given two or three Euros to “No idea”, as I am still a little miffed that the D didn’t perform very well. Even allowing for youth, inexperience, and matchup problems, I’m disappointed that THIS COACHING STAFF didn’t have THESE PLAYERS executing bettter against THIS TEAM. If the USC’s D can stop USC’s O, they should be able to stop Hawaii, too. JMO.

  • Free_Thinker

    Funny, the questions did not sound very defensive.

    Oh, the professional scribe meant “questions related to defense.”