Why would he think SC would be interested in a Bruin Reject?

  • BoscoH

    But thanks to Dillon Baxter, we have an actual transcript of the conversation. This was released earlier today by Pat Haden and J.K. McKay:

    J. Shirley: Coach, I’m no longer at UCLA. I’d like to play for you and your Trojans.

    L. Kiffin: Surely you jest!

    J. Shirley: No, and don’t call me Shirley. Oh, gotta run, I think Sark is calling me…

  • RodneyGuillory

    I’d say we should check Josh Shirley’s phone but apparently he lost it!

  • gotroy22

    Steve is apparently smarter than Lane. Shirley was already contributing in the BYU game.

  • scinsc5


    renshaw (Calif.) five-star athlete De’Anthony Thomas wants to major in drama, but doesn’t want major drama.

    De’Anthony Thomas exploded for two long touchdown runs in the first quarter last week

    Schools from coast-to-coast used Sept. 1 as a reintroduction to Thomas’ recruitment. The contact period even sparked rumors of a de-commitment from USC.

    “I’m not de-committed,” said Thomas. “I don’t know who keeps saying that. I think that started because I visited UCLA for their scrimmage. I was there with Jordan Payton. It was cool and I enjoyed it, but I’m solid with USC.”

    Solid for several reasons, one of which, most people don’t know.

    “Well you know, I always wanted to be a Trojan and I always wanted to play in the Coliseum,” said Thomas. “I think I bleed cardinal and gold and I want to close to home. I will have a lot of family support and fan support at USC.

    “And USC is great in film, which is what I want to major in.”

    While talk of Thomas’ de-commitment is fiction, his interest in film and acting is influenced by Pulp Fiction.

    “I’m trying to do it big when I get older,” said Thomas. “I want to do it all, not just be football a player. Football may not last. My favorite actor is Ving Rhames.”

    The sidelines at USC football games may no longer play host actors and television personalities, but Saturday’s home opener against Virginia should play host to several high school football All-Americans, including Thomas.

    “Yup, I’ll be there,” said Thomas. “I’m excited. Coach (Kennedy) Pola is recruiting me for USC, but I’ve never met him. Saturday will be the first time.”

    In fact, Thomas hasn’t been on an unofficial visit to USC since the Rising Stars Camp in June. That experience, however, is still fresh in his memory.

    “It was great because a lot of the coaches thought I was coming to play running back,” said Thomas. “Instead, I went with the corners and battled one-one with the wideouts. I did really well, and stopped them.

    “Then coach (Lane) Kiffin kept try to test me, to see if I was really a corner. I think I showed him enough because in seven-on-seven the defense was killing the offense.

    “Coach Kiffin called me over and asked me to play running back for couple of plays to help the offense and show what I could do. I thank God for giving me the ability to play both ways and being a threat on both sides of the ball.”

    Thomas’ five-star status as an athlete is a testament to his skills with or without the football in his hands.

    Last week, Thomas’ jumped on a plane for a five hour flight to Georgia for a nationally televised duel with North Gwinnett High School. Although the contest was Crenshaw’s first of the year, in was North Gwinnett’s third.

    Thomas began his senior season running for 115 yards and two touchdowns on just six carries. Crenshaw lost to North Gwinnett 17-12, but Thomas can’t wait for this Friday.

    “I’m just looking forward to getting back out there,” said Thomas. “I can’t wait. Norco gave us a great game last year, so we have to play better this week.”

    Thomas just wants to play. While totaling more than 130 yards of offense last week, he missed most of the second half due to dehydration and cramping. As with last week’s game, Crenshaw will play in front of a television audience on Fox Sports.

    USCFootball.com will continue to bring you the latest on De’Anthony Thomas throughout his senior season.


  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    SC can’t take Westwood’s trash. It only goes the other way…


    There goes scinsc5 again with his Mamba talk. We’ll see who’s got the biggest snake next year, when the Mamba gets squeezed like toothpaste in the bone-crushing grip of The Anaconda, stud WR from Blythe, Calif. who has verbally committed to UCLA.

    The Anaconda will be the proper heir to the legacy of Vlad “Gazpacho” Gazpachinsky and Juan Antonio Jesus.

  • DFWTrojan

    That was funny, Bosco. The question is why was USC not interested:

    a) new admin doesn’t want “problem” players with baggage (literally)

    b) Lane and coaches said no to UCLA table scraps as a matter of principle and pride?

    We sure as heck need quality bodies at LB. I tend to think (a) is the correct choice. Admin said no way.

  • Jon

    I thought Shirley wasn’t an active participant in the whole purse-snatching thing. But he chose to hang out with the other two UCLA knuckleheads when those two decided to steal some chick’s bag.

    That’s what Shirley gets for signing with UCLA.

  • osezno

    Slick Rick would have a field day telling recruits that USC takes what he throws out.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    I’m a little shocked they didn’t take him, most of the students would’ve easily identified with him given that SUC was their second choice after UCLA as well.

    University of

    Smell It!

  • spedjones

    No way Kiffie could have taken him, although he certainly wanted to. Re mamba, he’s all sc. He’s too fragile, however, to play both ways next year and will likely sit more than he plays due to injury. He seems to go down with something in every big game he plays.

  • BoscoH

    Another transcript came out? This is getting crazy. Someone get Pat and JK under institutional control!

    J. Shirley: Coach Kiffin, I’d like to be a linebacker at USC.

    L. Kiffin: Josh, you’ll be great. I want you to go after that runner and steal the ball like it’s a Coach purse.

    (Shirley approaches the running back, strips the ball, picks it up, stands for a second, then tosses it aside before running off the field.)

    M. Kiffin: We don’t need a holder for the field goal team do we?

  • NOBS

    SC doesn’t want guys Fucla has let alone a guy they got rid of. Didn’t he know NDLarry & la la crappy tin are already SC’s waterboys?