Road Warriors?

Lane Kiffin is 0-2 against the point spread this season. I mention it not for any gambling purposes but because it is a reflection of a team’s strength. USC is 1-8 against the spread in its past nine road games and 5-12 in the past 17 road games.

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  • FightOnHusker

    Yea, and we are 13.5 point favorites at Minnesota. The way we are playing right now, Minnesota looks like the smart bet there…especially if that line moves up to 14.

  • JAG

    Will someone please explain to me how record against the spread “is a reflection of a team’s strength”. So if a team goes 13-0, but is 0-13 against the spread, they are a weaker than a team that goes 0-13, but is 13-0 against the spread. This would be an all-time low for almost any reporter who does have Wolf’s history.

  • the kid

    thanks wolfie. i unfortunately know our record ats. HOWEVER, 13.5 is the biggest lock of the year. refinance the house because minnesota SUCKS. bad.

    we will pound them and then wassu next week and then its straight into the crapper from there with 4-6 losses as the base case.

  • charlie buckets mother

    LOL JAG…

    I agree. I am trying to reduce my time spent on this stupid blog, but every now and then I have to comment. SW truly writes at a 3rd grade level.

  • Free_Thinker

    JAG & Buckets Mama – No one has ever accused Wolf of possessing reporting or analysis skills, so don’t be starting any rumors.

  • USC Anteater

    Well, everyone said we would struggle against the spread this year…

  • uscmike

    Well played Anteater.