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I might be the one person at USC who cared less about Reggie Bush returning his Heisman Trophy than Lane Kiffin. It’s hard to generate any sympathy for Bush. Ever since the allegations broke, he’s stonewalled and offered little relief to USC or the NCAA regarding his situation.
His refusal to settle lawsuits quickly led to NCAA sanctions that are currently punishing this year’s USC football team. And he did not seem too concerned while dating Kim Kardashian, etc.
Only when the NCAA sanctions were announced and it became obvious that Bush would lose his Heisman did he show any remorse or contrition. So today’s decision rings hollow for me. He gave back his Heisman before it got taken away.

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    Reggie…please come to the Coliseum so the Trojan Family can show you how we truly feel. Please. Pretty please.

  • cjs1993

    Scott – Completely agree. Reggie Bush was the most exciting college football player that I have ever seen. However his failure, for whatever reason, to settle the Lake lawsuit three years ago (for the same amount that he ultimately settled the case for) is the ONLY reason that USC has been sanctioned. That is ignorant, ego driven, and shameful. For that, Reggie Bush will go down in history with the likes of Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose.

  • lbc trojan

    I think this fan said it best:


    He is indeed human, yet we put him on a pedestal due to his athletic ability and celebrity figure. Many of us would also do what he did. However, many of us CANNOT do what he did on the field. And for that, he’ll forever be remembered for those truly amazing perfomances on the field.

    Losing the Heisman Trophy doesn’t erase the famous picture of him leaping over that wimpy UCLA defender, his 500+ yard game against Fresno State, or pushing Leinart into the endzone at Notre Dame.

    You made a mistake Reggie. And you made it worse over time. But regardless, you helped put USC back atop the college football world.

    FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!

  • BoscoH

    I can’t help but wonder if the downfield lateral against Texas was point shaving. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. Fortunately(?), it seems to be taboo for even Yahoo! sports to go there. Reggie ruined his reputation and took his University with him. Why not go for the hat trick and ruin the sport while he’s at it?

  • Sy

    I usually disagree with Scott, but this time I agree. I realize he personally did not benefit from his step-father’s deals unlike what the press keeps reporting, but he had obligations to his school, team, teammates, coaches (like Todd McNair whose career was ruined), etc. He could have cleared much of the air and chose not to. I realize his attorneys were advising him, but they never care about honor and what is right. He should have and he should have made better decisions at every point! Even now he said nothing to help Todds or USCs cases. He needs to be a man and do what is right.

  • ReelBruin2

    I think that’s an accurate assessment scott.

  • uscmike

    He may be human. Others would have taken the money too. I get that. However, when Bush had tons of money, he made the critical error by not settling with Lake when he settled with Michaels. It was selfish to take the money, but even more selfish not to settle with the guys who paid you money.

  • torpedoman

    Reggie Bush was self centered, greedy, ingorant and misadvised.

    He could care less about his University or his teammates.

    It’s always been about him! and solely him!

    The only reason that he gave the trophy back is because he was going to have it stripped from him and it was only done ahead of the procedure to save a little face.

    You are now getting what you deserve Reggie, Screw You! The bad heavily outweighs the good from your career and so now you are personna non gratis at USC and that young man is your biggest loss!
    Fight On (not you Reggie)

  • Trojan Conquest

    The best thing I’ve ever read from Wolf. I couldn’t agree more. The one thing I’d add is that he and his parents thought it was OK to rip off Lake. Lake is no alter boy, but all he wanted was for Bush to pay him back $300K and this would have gone away a long time ago. What a moron.

  • @lbctrojan FU*K YOU for your comment about that “whimpy UCLA defender” he’s was killed in a car accident 4 years ago, you dumb mothereffer.

  • Jenna_Kandi

    I am sorry but I think that Reggies decision to relinquish the Heisman was a huge step for him. I believe that he could have drug this further and further out. However that would have done nobody any good. I have been a Reggie fan since his USC days and I continue to be his fan. I feel that this shows he is being the bigger person. I do agree he is only human and all humans make mistakes. He made his. He is in no way perfect as none of us are. I feel this was a major decision for him to make. And not an easy decision. I have to say that the decision to have USC have no accossiation with Reggies name was very harsh. Cause in my eyes, his so called “crime” is NOTHING compared to OJ Simpsons many crimes and the Mark McGwire’s steroid use. Is Reggies so called “crime” really worse then OJ and Mark? I think not. I think that if USC cannot associate the name of Reggie Bush w/their school, then they need to get rid of association with OJ Simpson for sure.

  • Sam Gilbert

    I wonder how the team would have done without Reggie. LenDale gets a ton more carries and pumps up his TD records, maybe Desmond Reed get some touches before getting injured and/or Leinart gets some more Heisman votes as a senior.

    The team definitely would NOT be better without Bush, but it would be interesting to see how they would hold up. In the very least they still dominate all their Pac-10 opponents.

  • lbc trojan

    @BruinRob: I had no idea. Didn’t mean it to diss him–it’s just a saying in football (ie. “ducks under a wimpy tackler”). Anyway, my bad, just learned he went to a high school right near mine too. Really sad.. RIP Marcus Cassel. My bad.

  • BigContinuous

    I hope he breaks his neck!


    Although the above comments are diverse from wholly negative to totally positive, I agree with most of them, although I liked lbc trojan’s fond Bush memories except for the wimpy comment i.e. any kid willing to put his body on the line in a football game is no wimp.

    And to say Bush made ONE mistake is not true; he made mistake after mistake over a 3 or 4-year period.

    And “giving” up his trophy only railroaded the inevitable, so he does not score any points with that move.

    All in all, only time will determine if the Trojan nation is capable of forgiving his trespasses and the resulting stigma cast over the entire university

  • malachi crunch5

    Ha Ha Reggie!!! Sucka!!! Now all you have is that stupid Superbowl ring!!! Ha haaaa!! Loser!!!

  • NJ Trojan

    Wait a minute, Wolf is a “person at USC?” I thought he was an objective, independent sportswriter? Well, if he’s “at USC,” then he should quit making snarky little comments.

  • NOBS

    Funny…ESPN interviews LA Times’ Gary Klein, Petros & Money talk to Scott Wolf. Now THAT is funndy.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Wolf’s right, he gave it back before they took it from him.

    As for Reggie ” putting USC back at the top of college football”, what do they have to show for it? One Heisman, probably no crystal football and a ton of vacated victories and future ruin with limited scholarships.

    Yeah, thanks Reggie.

  • @lbctrojan, no problem…my apology to you for the profanity used in my reply.

  • Trojan Rewind

    ESPN nor Petros and Money didn’t talk to NOBS…now THAT is even funnier

  • USC’89

    Reggie Bush and his ignorant, welfare dependent family are the antithesis of human kind. Pure scum. Thanks Pete, for brining these POS’s to USC and setting the program back a decade.

    Just another of Petes crimes against USC that ultimately cost the Trojans numerous National Championships.

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey completely agrees with Scott. The Donkey wants to know the whole story. Was Reggie a victim of his family’s greed? A victim of his desire to improve his family economic situation? Was it a dismal economic situation? Or was Reggie the brains behind the scheme?

    The Donkey also wants former coaches — including his beloved Pete, to explain why they didn’t question a family depending on a security guard’s wages traveling with the team all over the country?

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey will repeat lbc Trojan’s comment: “Wimpy ucla defender” and not apologize for it. The Donkey tells any fruin fan in this board to not visit the board if they don’t like it.

  • dtksr1

    Hey BoscoH, I’m doing a little wondering also. And it really sucks at the possibility… If so, Reggie would take that secret to the grave!

  • NOBS

    ComdomREWIND, check your grammar. Loser.

  • torpedoman

    Wimpy little bRUINS….what the hell, they’re all wimpy little bRUINS! Truly sorry of the demise of that particular one of them, but then again, it always sucks to be a bRUIN dead or alive!
    Fight On

  • torpedoman

    @Jenna…say what? Just for starters, the fact that Reggie “drug” this further and further out is part of the problem!! It wasn’t just one mistake, it was mistake after mistake after greedy mistake!

    The fact that he gave it up was to avert it being taken away from him, and embarrassing him even further! Believe me Jenna, he’d still be shining it up and admiring it, sitting on his mantle if there were any way that he could have gotten away with it!

    The comparison with OJ and Maguire is absurd. Regardless of the nature of the aforementioneds misdeeds, Reggie Bush’s direct actions have caused great pain and suffering upon Trojan Nation. His actions are the primary cause of the sanctions and discredit that have been thrust upon The University and Trojan Nation! The kids and their coaches, the University, the fans and dedicated followers, the vendors and various outside associations to the football program are all suffering or in line to suffer because of the self centered greed and lack of character of one Reggie Bush.

    He gets no respect from me thus far. Time and his future actions might change my opinion but as it stands currently..the personna non grata certainly applies.

    @USC89…..For the first time in possibly @ a decade, I actually agree with at very least a portion of what you just wrote.

    Fight On

  • @the Donkey and @torpedwoman, may you die from AIDS you C’ck Suckers.

  • Revol_Bruin

    Vivid memories are suddenly coming back to me of ignorant sc fans talking smack to Bruins fans and saying that there would be no sanctions. Yes, earlier this year, sc fans said that if there were to be any sanctions, that they would be minimal, at best.

    Months after the sanctions, we are still seeing the reverberations and the effects of the fact that the NCAA infractions committee did the right thing and came down on little sc with a punishment that fit the program’s (and not just a few players’) cheating ways.

    Reggie Bush is now a symbol of a dirty program and a school that places winning above everything else, even its own reputation.

    sc will always be seen as a subpar university–no matter how much money it funnels into its sports or academic programs–and sc alumni know it.

  • USConquer

    From http://sports.espn.go.com/los-angeles/ncf/news/story?id=5576729

    Pete Carroll on Bush returning the trophy:
    “Reggie’s got to do what he’s got to do on this stuff and make his determination,” Bush’s former college coach, Pete Carroll, said Wednesday.

    “I support whatever he’s doing. I’m sure he’s figured it out and he’s living it. I’m not really focused on it. There’s nothing I can really do about that,” the new Seattle Seahawks coach added. “All of our attention is on Denver and getting ready for the game. I wish him the best and hope they figure it all out.”

    This is why I say to hell with Reggie Bush and to hell with Pete Carroll! Pete Carroll is trying to wipe his hands clean of all of this when he, more than anyone, could have stopped this before it got way out of hand. Yet he says “I’m not really focused on it”. What a turd. PC is a coward who ran away when things got heated and he left our program to pay for his sins. F him!

    Yet I know we will again rise to prominence again.

  • Bill

    What spin about Bush doing the right thing! Bush doing the right thing would been not playing once he had started taking money!

    When did Bush jump over a UCLA defender? Did he play against Fresno State? I can’t recall anything of that sort!

    Why did he give the Heisman back if he was “innocent”? There goes the appeal!

    Cheat on!

  • torpedoman

    @revol and bRUINRoberta…just take yer irrellevant asses way way way back down the ladder into aclu squalor and get a life, supporting your loser powder blew pansys.
    Fight On

  • Revol_Bruin

    Wow, Torpedo, you’re really helping sc’s image when it comes to ignorance, aren’t you?

    Do they even teach grammar and/or locution at little suc? Did they even teach you to correct your ,misspellings while you attended?

    As always, it doesn’t seem like it.

    I should have added that ignorant sc fans who cannot write or spell should refrain from responding to my comments.

  • Free_Thinker

    BruinRob should be banned from the board for his profanity and vulgarity. What a loser.

  • torpedoman

    @revol…”Well pardon the expression” son. I was DUMB-ing things down to your bRUIN level DUH.

    Your (yer, u’r) presence on this board is a wonderful example that you prefer the upside of this crosstown rivalry…(no, Notre Dame is not across town), but you most likely get my drift so no need to respond…it’s a waste of my time.

    Fight On

  • Free_Thinker


    While we are on the topic of English, your capitalization is incorrect. Your commas are incorrectly placed. Locution refers to spoken acts. They taught us to correct our misspellings, but asked us to wait until after we had graduated.

    What did they learn you at UCLA son? How to talk and write more gooder than us?

  • torpedoman

    @Free_Thinker..B-fukkinU-teee-full! Yer scribbs beez wunnerfull. Iza wanna lurn yUr gud shit brudda!
    Fight On

  • @torpedoman, you sound like complete fool with that grammar, fools like you make USC fans look baaaad as in ghetto.

  • Revol_Bruin

    @Freethinker The fact that I didn’t capitalize “sc” was done deliberately, genius.

    @NDLarry: Agreed. Torpedo sure does make sc fans look torpid.

  • Free_Thinker


    Sure it was…and so was your errant punctuation, poor syntax and bad grammar.

  • torpedoman

    @NeuteredDog Larry…Wuz jez gettin down where the likes of you, Revol and bRUIN Roberta fester..where the need for proper use of English skills are not an issue.

    Fight On