Where’s Galippo?

Middle linebacker Chris Galippo started every game last season but did not play a single defensive play against Virginia. Neither did any other backup linebacker.
“We’re trying to get Devon Kennard to where he feels comfortable playing the position,” Monte Kiffin said. “He needs as many snaps as he can get. But Chris needs to play a little bit more.”

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  • ALBY

    ah…no he doesn’t…keep him on special teams where he can’t do any damage. USC is not known for its slow white guys…at least not yet. Maybe he can transfer across town…he could start right away for the genius that is CRN.

  • ThaiMex

    What happened to the “TROJAN FOR LIFE” mantra?…
    Galippo has always been a class act, goes to class, gets good grades, doesn’t go out smoking weed, no problems with the POLICE, works hard in practice, even when he’s injured,…. a shame he’s stuck in the middle of the cesspool.
    Out of Servite, he could have gone to ANY SCHOOL..Cut the guy some slack.
    Alby…is KNUBS your twin brother?

  • Sam Gilbert

    If for some reason Kennard can’t take that next step, Calippo is one hell of a great second choice.

  • Trojsteve5

    Monte Kiffin has lost it. Not playing any backup LBs will cost the starters stamina when the season gets to the final stages. This same strategy with Barkley last year needing every snap fizzled at season’s end. Galippo getting the same shaft as Corp did. Who made the key interception vs. Ohio St. last year in Columbus almost returning it for a TD?

  • bushwhite

    well guys, I think it’s pretty evident that this coaching staff is clueless…i dont think they substitute for anyone…LK said on TV he doesnt’ trust the backups so he plays the first team players until they drop…which is waht killed galippo last year he was totally gassed by the end of the season..the offense is predictable, the D line gets manhandled..LB play
    is poor , to put it politely…S*itty is better word..
    yet, BAU…just hope it gets better next Saturday, if not, oh well..toss out some more dumb catch phrases like “We need intensity” “we need to work harder”
    “MB has room for improvement” or like the idiot above posted “full of slow white boys” whatever the hell that means…

  • Brettm


    Do the coaches have any clue as to what the hell is going on? This team is in utter shambles. It’s a frickin’ joke.

  • NJ Trojan

    I’m not ready yet to throw the coaches overboard, but I don’t understand why Galippo wasn’t at least rotated in on D last week. He knows every LB postion and he would have played at least as well as Kennard, who did not look very impressive, played. What happened to having FOUR great LBs?

  • gilligan

    No excuse for Galippo not being on the field. Kennard looks lost at times and I would argue that Galippo starting and Kennard backing him up would help Kennard with his MLB skill set.

  • sureshot

    You’ve got to get Galippo in the game. To not do so is inexcusable. He’s played the good soldier and fought through injuries, he deserves a spot in the rotation.

    Besides, I see Galippo as a peer to Morgan, Smith, and Kennard. None of those guys is better than Galippo by any wide margin.

    And slow white guys? What are you smoking? SC’s defense has a proud history of good white linebackers mixing it up with our talented black linebackers and Polynesian linebackers. Think about guys like Dallas Sartz, Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews Jr., and Matt Grootegoed.

  • Marky Marc

    To put it bluntly, the coaching has been awful so far. When I really step back, it appears neither the offensive line, the defensive line, the linebackers, or the secondary have any clue how to win games.

  • torpedoman

    You guys are all whining little girls! Sheesh, don’t worry though, we’ll allow you all back on the bandwagon when the good times start to roll. Have a little patience.
    Totally new staff, understocked roster with serious depth issues and the loss of a number of decent backup players..The staff is doing ok by me thus far and I expect big improvement as the season progresses.
    Fight On
    PS….I’m still struggling with team fitness though..it seems as though this is becoming a big concern.