Answer Wednesday!

Time to answer some questions!

Q: norcaltroy said:
SW – I thought that D-Line would be the strength of the team. Coach Kiff said so himself and it was also reported by you and others that they looked good in camp. What are you seeing at field level? Is it scheme or do we just not have any real impact players on the DLine? If it doesn’t improve, it will be a very long and painful Pac10 season. Stanford and Oregon will put us in the meat grinder (again).

A: I agree the defensive line is a disappointment after two games. They have not looked real physical and getting consistent efforts out of everyone seems to be difficult. Maybe injuries are one reason with Nick Perry out. Or maybe the line was just able to dominate the offensive line in scrimmages and training camp and is finding it harder to do the same to other teams. Hawaii’s offense made it difficult because they did run the ball a lot but Virginia did with ease. So a lot of doubts right now. DaJohn Harris played better against Virginia. Armond Armstead needs to pick it up, however, and while Jurrell Casey’s been the best overall lineman he needs to be more consistent in order to draw comparisons to Mike Patterson.

Q: Bobo said:
Barring injury, I thought that our O-line would be strong and that we’d be able to blow open big holes with a dominant run game especially against inferior talent. How do you explain the O-line weakness against Virginia? Seems like our guys were far less physical than Virginia which is shocking to me.

A: Inexperience is probably one answer with two new starters. Another problem was Virginia stunted on the defensive line and their signals sometimes confused the offensive line. That’s why so many guys seemed to be jumping. But physicality is an issue. It was in training camp too when the defensive line dominated. Like so many areas of the team right now, we are going to wait and see.

Q: BoscoH said:
Is MB7’s arm OK? His motion on a few of the long passes looked either like he was putting too much body into them or he had just seen a giant cookie and couldn’t contain himself.

A: He claims it is his footwork. But he’s had trouble with spirals and accuracy even since he arrived at USC. So I think unless he corrects it, you will probably see it from time to time.

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  • The Don Key

    The Donkey says WIMPY LITTLE BRUIN

  • mo

    It would be nice if SW would give you the real answer, which was publicly put out there by Lane Kiffin himself-and, is not a guess. Kiffin said that Virginia loaded up the box, putting as many as 8 men on the line. When asked why he didn’t pass more, like they did when Booty came out and threw it on 27 out of the first 29 plays and USC destroyed Michigan, Kiffin commented, “…that was the Rose Bowl…” He went on to say that is not something he wants to do in the 2nd game of the season because he doesn’t want the team to not be able to run the ball and sort of “bail out” by being able to just throw it. Balance is important to him, etc., etc.