Answer Wednesday! (Part 2)


Some pretty good questions here scrutinizing Lane Kiffin in this segment.

Q: Are you Kidding Me? said:
On Kiffin’s conference call with the media, I heard questions asked by the beat writers for the LA Times, the OC Register, etc. but apparently you weren’t invited to join the call. Why is that?

A: I have been on the conference calls but if I have a really good question I prefer to ask it one-on-one instead of a group setting.

Q: USCfan said:
Can you please give your opinion of what you think of the team right and why they are not playing to their full potential. Is it because of coaching, is it because of no contact in practice, is it because they’re not motivated to give 110% because of no bowl game, is it because of lack of experience? What do you think why this team is playing way below their potential?

Thanks for the forum Scott!

A: I think the lack of tackling has caused a little sluggishness at the outset. I think the coaches have also misjudged the team a bit in terms of what it could or could not do early. The schemes for Hawaii were too basic against a spread offense.
Above all, I think the team is still searching for an identity. That was one area Pete Carroll excelled at by creating belief and an aura around the team. I think this is an area where Lane Kiffin needs to prove himself. I said from Day 1 I was curious to see how Kiffin got the team to play after it lost and had some adversity. But it appears to already need some type of infusion of leadership even with a 2-0 record.

Q: Brettm said:
Is this team having fun? Do you think the veterans miss the “rah-rah” that used to come from Carroll? Is the team buying into Kiffin’s no nonsense style of coaching? To me they look bored and have absolutely no confidence.

A: I think they are enjoying being 2-0. But one thing Pete Carroll did was bring energy even on the days when it might have been hard to be motivated. So far, it’s still early. I think the program is going through growing pains and Kiffin adjusts to his team and they learn what he wants. But after two games, I am surprised at the struggles against inferior opponents.

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  • jamfan

    to the last question – more importantly, is anyone else enjoying watching this team. 2 games in, and I’m sure not.

    Hope this trend doesn’t continue, but beginning with the 2nd half of the last season, watching the games anymore isn’t quite the same.

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey says WIMPY LITTLE BRUIN