Answer Wednesday! (Part 3)

In this segment, a question about Allen Bradford.

Q: tom_floyd said:
What in the world has happened to Allen Bradford? I expect to see his photo on the side of a milk carton soon.

A: He was the workhorse in the spring and seemed ready to be the starter the first week of training camp. He suffered a minor injury but the coaches really warmed to Marc Tyler in camp and felt he was more consistent and a little more explosive. I thought Bradford looked good against Hawaii but then he barely played against Virginia. That might be because of Dillon Baxter’s return. Lane Kiffin does not seem to like to rotate the tailbacks like Pete Carroll did.

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  • scinsc5

    bradford sucks compared to baxter and tyler. he should expand his curriculum vitae by asking the coaches if he can help the team by playing more fullback (or maybe linebacker – when he tried defense a few yrs back, wasn’t he playing safety? why not linebacker?)

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey says WIMPY LITTLE BRUIN

  • NJ Trojan

    Bradford, a coveted 5-star, told the coaches he wanted to play TB back in 06. Back then, the coaches had the luxury of allowing players to make those kinds of decisions. Burried on the depth chart at TB, he agreed to play FB part of that year and actually started a couple of games at that position. He had 13 carries and caught 3 passes for 75 yards & 2 TDs combined. But he told the coaches he didn’t want to play FB anymore. Pity: in 2007, he had 15 carries & 3 catches for 47 yards & 3 TDs combined. In 08, things were looking better. Through 2 games, he had 14 carries & 4 catches for 101 yards & 1 TD combined, but he reaggravated a hip injury & lost the rest of the season following surgery. As a RS JR in in 09, he was stuck behind Joe McKnight and Stafon Johnson on the depth chart but Johnsons horrific neck injury gave him the chance to get a significant number of carries in 6 games during which he rushed for 414 yards with 83 carries for 4.99 yards per carry. His career average was 5.04 yards per carry going into ’10. If he wasn’t willing to play FB after his FR year, why would he switch now? especially since he’s 1 injury, or a couple of so-so games by Tyler, away from being the starting TB in a likely 2-TB rotation with Baxter?