Hot Seat Tour

Minnesota coach Tim Brewster and next week’s opponent, Washington State coach Paul Wulff, are Nos. 2 and 3 on the Coaches’ Hot Seat top 10. At least Lane Kiffin is no longer in the top 10.

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  • norcaltroy

    While on probation and with his track record, Coach Kiff will always be on the hot seat. IMO, he can only get some breathing room with a BCS bowl win/Pac-12 title. That’s at least 2 years out.

  • Rusty Buckets

    Kiffin is an awful tactician and motivator. All we need him to do is to keep the boat afloat for 2-3 years by landing some decent recruits.

  • sonicboom926

    Please explain to me how Neuweasel is not on this list? Has UCLA completely dropped off the radar where Hawaii and New Mexico are more relevant programs?

  • sdog

    I don’t understand why Hawaii would be listed. They played SC tough and traveled across country and beat Army. And I agree with sonic, Neuheisel has lost media support and is rapidly losing alumni. I think he will be gone after this year.

  • BoscoH

    That’s cuz they haven’t seen Kiffin’s fake “press conference” yet. Please Scott, will you tell him how lame that is?

  • ALBY

    “Kiffin is an awful tactician and motivator”


    It disturbing to watch this spoiled frat boy after 9 years of PC.
    Unless he is a top five recruiter, his stay at Troy will be short lived.

    Even then, its doubtful he will get the most out of whomever he recruits.

  • sureshot

    Coach Kiff’s probably not the most charismatic motivator, but he’s not a bad tactician. I’ve been pretty impressed at the job he’s done with the Raiders (doubled their win total and they actually played hard) and with Tennessee (they were a lot better with him than they were under Fulmer the year before).

    Any time you have a new coach (and all new coordinators) there’s going to be some transition time. I think we’re seeing that now. I was really impressed with the playcalling in Hawaii and if not for a couple of drops, penalties, and poor throws versus Virginia, that game would have been a lot more impressive too.

    The two things that have alarmed me most, is the play of the offensive and defensive lines. But I know we’ve got good coordinators in there for that, so I’m not too worried. I just hope Monte can stay/get ahead of the opposing offense with his schemes. NFL schemes don’t always work with college players (see: Bates, Jeremy)

  • sureshot

    @sdog – I wonder if Greg McMackin is on the hot seat because he called the sisters of the irish a bunch of fruitcakes. He probably could have used his words more carefully, but it’s hard to argue with his premise – as notre dame is by very definition, a very fruity school.

    The biggest knock against McMackin is probably that he’s not June Jones, though few are. I don’t really like Jones, but dude can coach.

    Ricky should definitely be on this list. Maybe after a 1-11 season, he will be.

  • gotroy22

    Kiffin is a placeholder during probation. The new AD after Haden will launch a nationwide search and come up with the best young coach available.

  • malachi crunch5


  • DixieTrojan

    @malachi crunch 5: I totally agree.

  • torpedoman

    @gotroy22…you are nuts! This coaching staff will succeed in spades! Just give it a chance..
    Fight On