• norcaltroy

    They messed up?? What does that mean? They forgot about him? Or maybe they never intended to play him and realized that was a mistake later? Come on, SW. Probe these guys!

  • scinsc5

    this notre dame player is going to law school…


    now that is smart. if i were a trojan fb player, i would want to redshirt and go to summer school every year and get a graduate degree by the time i’m done.

    it also reminds me of the little cross country bruins i saw this morning running through beverly hills. are these guys a huge drain on the state’s finances or what? it’s almost as bad as the bell city workers’ pensions


    Are you there, NOBS? It’s me Westwood Rob.

    I haven’t heard from you. Will you take me up on my bet? If UCLA beats USC this season, then NOBS never posts on this blog again. If USC beats UCLA, then Westwood Rob will never post here again. And I won’t come back as “The Ghost of Westwood Rob” or something like that — I will stay gone.

    (I sure hope NOBS sees this message. It’s important that I sucker him into this bet now, because after UCLA beats Texas, NOBS will realize that UCLA is going to crush SUC this year!)

    Come on, NOBS! Don’t pull an NDLarry on me!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @Westwood Rob:
    what a joke! you really think that squirt gun offense is gonna beat SC? C’mon man, even if they do improve a little over the course of the season, it’s USC’s LAST GAME! They’re gonna be pumped, jacked, and psyched to own the Rose Bowl again!
    Fight on!

  • NOBS

    WestB00B, you ALREADY pulled a NDLarry. You shot your mouth off, i.e. like the Fucla Squirt Gun offense, said the bRuins would win by 19 and now trying to change because YOU KNOW that will not happen.

    Tell what I will do, is make that bet, no points, next week and I’ll take Texas…..I know, I don’t understand, I misread your post, that’s not what you meant, yada yada yada. Loser.


    NOBS, now I really am confused. You want to bet that Texas will beat USC? NOBS, that already happened like five years ago! They’re not even playing each other this season, unless USC makes it to a bowl. Oh, wait a minute…

    Now what about my offer, NOBS? Why do you keep ducking my proposal for the USC-UCLA game? I’m not surprised that you’d rather back Texas than SUC against the Bruins, but come on. SUC has a fighting chance, right?

    By the way, you keep misconstruing my older post. My point was that Stanford put up 55 points on USC last season and 35 on UCLA this season, so UCLA’s defense came out 20 points better, in comparison. We’ll see how USC’s defense does this year when you guys go up there.

  • NOBS

    OHHHH. hohohhohoho you are sooooooo hilarious WestB00B.

    You outsmarted me again. Oh man, you are da bomb. Your boyfriend must worship you. Wow, what a personality.

    Can’t wait for your next clever post.


    I’m disappointed, NOBS. You kept bad-mouthing NDLarry, but now you won’t accept the (free and completely legal) bet I proposed. Are you really that scared that SUC is going to lose to UCLA this year?

    NDLarry needs to get back on here and start hounding you himself for a USC/Notre Dame bet. Then you can refuse to take him up on it, and respond by changing the subject or making gay jokes.

    Fight on, I guess.

  • NOBS

    WestB00B, you’re killing me with your clever posts. hahahaha Oh, I don’t know how much more I can take. BTW, is your boyfriend NDLarry? You seem to have a fixation with him. You deserve each other. Best to you both.

  • torpedoman

    Westwood Boob..fuck off..NOBS is all over your dumbass…go away and improve our site…
    Fight On

  • ThaiMex

    Yo Torp..or is it TWERP?

    I do believe usage of the “F” word as well as the “N” word is strictly verboten as spelled out by the by laws governing this site. Your poor choice of words leaves me with no other choice than to notify my fellow CADRE BROTHERS, and Dean Wormer of your reckless choice of words. If the punishment were left for me to decide, I would recommend an HOUR of Quiet time, no dessert for a week, and i’d take away your favorite pajamas (the one’s with the “feet”). ADDITIONALLY, i WILL BE NOTIFYING “MUMMY and DADDY” AND WILL RECOMMEND THEY TAKE AWAY your car, suspend your allowance, and make you do your own laundry, like most juveniles your age. Grow up, get a job, and quit acting like some spoiled frat boy, who has a tantrum when he doesn’t get something his way. University of Spoiled Children indeed.

  • Free_Thinker

    ThaiMoron — You should be banned for never psoting anything of substance.

    Since you idiots appear to like the handle, I thank you for assuming the identity I created. Let me share some etymology with you blockheads. The origin of CADRE is from Latin quadrum or square, thus you all are blockheads.

    Have great day ThaiStick.

  • TraneofThought


    Where in the world is Wolf getting this nonsense from that Galippo didn’t play?? Look at the picture. Judge for yourself.

  • ThaiMex

    Feel better? Maybe my mantra is finally getting through… and “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”. Free Tinker should know that WORDS/Sayings evolve over years, and YES…I’m a little amused that my wit and logic appear to get your panties up in bunch!
    Originality…from you? O.K., I’ll play along and give you your GOLD STAR!
    One more thing…since you’re a Historian and linguistics guy…
    Who said….”I am not a crook?
    1) Nixon
    2) R. Bush
    3) O.J. (simpson)
    4) O.J. (mayo)
    I’m sooooo confused.
    This Could really be your WEEKEND!
    Fit On Troxan