Penalty Contest

Liberty Mutual Insurance announced today that if a regular season game is completed in which neither team commits an on-field penalty, it will donate a total of $1 million (up to $500,000 per team) to a charity selected by each school.
No word if they will donate to a school that commits the most penalties in a game this season.

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  • BoscoH

    Hey that’s great. Maybe Pat Haden can get behind Reggie’s charity dedicated to finding the real killer. The Heisman wankers already joined in!

  • JAG

    Scott…they’ve simply done the math and concluded this is cost effective advertising (because they probably won’t ever have to pay anything). They figured a bunch of media chumps would promote their name for free, and you are doing your part…as expected. Just another company getting free exposure on your websitge without buying an add. This economy thrives when gulible people are exploited.

  • uscmike

    Tim Donaghy thinks the refs should get a cut of the million.


    I bet in recent football history since 1960 there has never been a game void of penalties. It is pretty rare to have one team escape penalties.

    What are there, about 550 games per year at the college level (about 100 teams at 11 game per season divided by 2, on average), times 50 years, or about 27,000 games.

    Odds look real tidy for Liberty Mutual to keep its hard-earned money