Answers from Minneapolis

Some more answers live from Minneapolis.

Q: scinsc5 said:
scott–you are an AP voter with capital/wonderful knowledge–if you were a Democrat, would you strongly urge Ruth Bader Ginsberg to retire now during Obama’s first term in order to bring a youngish hire to fill the seat with a Democrat to hold that seat as long as possible (btw-this question does relate to USC football in an esoteric deep sense)?

A: Just like USC president Steven Sample and athletic director Mike Garrett departed, I’m all in favor of change. So I vote yes.

Q: NJ Trojan said:
How did the Carlisle visit go?

A: I heard he was impressed with USC but is still a Stanford commit at this point. A lot of time remains before signing date. For one thing, if Stanford has another good season, will Jim Harbaugh remain?

Q: Hard Way said:
Before the season started, you talked about the Tampa 2 with Coach Monte, who, if I recall correctly, indicated that we would not be seeing much of it at all since it was not appropriate for college offenses like the Spread. Yet the Tampa 2 seemed to be the default vs. Hawaii, and it was not real successful in stopping the Pistol. Have you followed up Monte regarding why he is using, against his own advice, the Tampa two against college offenses?

A: He tried to play a mixture of man-to-man and Tampa 2 against Hawaii with little success. The players broke down in assignments on the Tampa 2 and had trouble covering in man. So he was kind of trying to see if anything worked. Oregon could be a problem based on the early indications. He said Florida prepared him but we will have to wait and see. Florida did not prepare him for Hawaii.

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