The Top 25

Here is this week’s ballot for the Associated Press Top 25 poll.

1. Texas

2. Alabama

3. Florida

4. Boise State

5. TCU

6. Ohio State

7. Oklahoma

8. Nebraska

9. Oregon

10. LSU

11. Stanford

12. Arkansas

13. Auburn

14. Miami

15. Utah

16. Arizona

17. South Carolina

18. USC

19. Air Force

20. Florida State

21. Wisconsin

22. Fresno State

23. West Virginia

24. Kansas State

25. Iowa

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  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    USC is rated waaay to high, but it won’t matter in 3 weeks, they won’t be ranked at all after Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, etc

  • gotroy22

    Why didn’t you rank South Dakota?

  • malachi crunch5

    Texas #1…silly Wolfbag.

  • Sy

    Hi I DIg Go Go Girls,

    USC is a team developing its strengths while improving on its weaknesses. They are 3-0, but have not been tested. They are then, but very talented and well coached. They are also healthy. They will define themselves over the month of Oct. It will be fun to watch and don’t count them out of any contest. Stanford is way underrated. That game will say a lot about this SC team. I believe we will surprise many critics, but time will soon tell.

  • USCfan

    I was very surprised that SC fell 2 spots. I expected them to at least stay at 18, but oh well.

    Anyways, I see SC getting better and better after each game. They seem to be improving little by little, and you can see little glimpses of greatness that this team potentially has.

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey would like to honor the ground where he currently stands by saying “My arse could have done a better job with that ballot.”

  • bproman

    Once again, you show you blatant irrational bias against the Big Ten and overall lack of intelligence

  • spedjones

    Texas at No. 1? Is this just so the Bruins will be able to celebrate that much harder after beating them next week?

  • BoscoH

    You’d think the Bruins just won the Las Vegas Bowl with their excitement today! Act like you’ve been there, guys…

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    @ Sy.

    USC will be lucky to beat any of the final 8 teams on their schedule, even that mess in westwood.

    The team is sloppy, the QB is getting worse, the opponents have stunk, and they are LUCKY to be 3-0 since Virginia shot themselves in the foot and Minnesota has a brain dead cluck for a coach.

  • SoCal Native

    Texas isn’t even the best team in the Big 12, much less the country. And Florida is the fourth best team in their conference right now. Do you even bother the watch the games, Scooter?

  • SoCal Native

    Texas isn’t even the best team in the Big 12, much less the country. And Florida is the fourth best team in their conference right now. Do you even bother the watch the games, Scooter?

  • Rich K

    It seems fair to leave SC at 18 for the moment. They showed some improvement but still didn’t show a great amount of prowess. As they play more formidable teams we’ll see if they continue to grow. I think we saw some confidence in the front O-line for run offense. The run defense showed signs of handling a big challenge. If they can make some big strides in the passing defense they may make some inroads by time they meet Stanford or Oregon.

  • @BoscoH, gosh I’m sorry for getting excited after our first win of the season…and holding the #23 ranked team in the country and the #1 scoring team in the country (62 PPG) to just 13 points today. By the way, South Dakota scored 41 points on Minnesota, and USC socred only 32, what happened?…is it safe to assume that South Dakota would whoop USC’s ass?…yup.

  • NOBS

    BB00B, their best player got hurt. Go ahead and live in dreamland. Big yap, we’ll see at the Rose Bowl. You’ll be gone by the 3rd quarter.

  • $uckaFREE

    The bRUIN clowns must feel like world beaters after beating a team with ZERO NFL CALIBER PLAYERS ON DEFENSE. Your candy asses will get brought back down to earth this upcoming saturday, trust me. lol

  • lbc trojan

    @BruinRob: it was a great match-up for UCLA and they played well. Was nice to see one of the lower teams in the Pac-10 do something against a “ranked” team. Houston was overrated–hope the Pac-10 can represent against those Longhorns in Texas. Not necessarily rooting for the bruins, but a Pac-10 v Big-12 win would be nice after Washington embarrassed us. After non-conference play is over, back to rooting against UCLA.
    Fight on!

  • Trojan Conquest

    At least the Arizona schools did well for the PAC. Yes ASU lost, but they played well on the road against a ranked Big 10 team. And UofA beat Iowa who some were picking as the dark horse for winning the Big 10.

  • @KNOBS yes, the QB got injured, but the score was 21-3 already. USC hasn’t faced anybody the likes of any of our opponents so far…if we beat Texas, will you guys finally stop your yapping? or will you say that Texas was overated?

  • lbc trojan

    @BruinRob: If UCLA beats Texas, I won’t say anything period until December 4th. But to say K-State and Houston are powerhouses that USC wouldn’t be able to beat is ridiculous. I’ll give the bruins credit when they beat a good team. Houston wasn’t one. We’ll see next saturday.

  • NOBS

    @bRuinB00b, Yes, for the rest of the football season I will stay off this blog. If Texas beats Fucla by 28 or more will you do the same? (doubt it, all bRuins are chicken$h!t)

  • @KNOBS, you got a deal…

  • NOBS

    Done deal. Hook ’em Horns

  • @KNOBS, this will be BETTER than a $1000 bet…I can’t wait!!
    Go Bruins!!

  • scinsc5

    i’ve got usc at #2 in my ballot. right behind alabama. the trojans are nipping on the heels of a historic undefeated season.

  • sureshot

    “@KNOBS yes, the QB got injured, but the score was 21-3 already.”

    You realize he was “concussed” last week versus UTEP, right? That probably played some role in his poor play, i.e. throwing the ball directly to Akeem Ayers in the endzone. I liked what I saw out of their fourth string freshman quarterback, Broadway. He was doing some damage against the Bruins.

    That said, the Bruins did a pretty good job of beating a good (if not vastly overrated) Houston team. I guess we’ll all see what happens this week against the Longhorns. I normally root for all Pac-10 schools, but I think this week I’ll be hoping for an old fashioned goring at the hands of the horns.

  • spedjones

    I recall that Hawaii’s 3rd string QB had a fun time picking apart the SC defense, but apparently beating that team is something to celebrate.


    I’m glad to see that Bruin Rob and my new friend NOBS are getting along.

    In a spirit of friendship, I will not even talk about how USC had better get Scroggins ready to play on December 4, because the Bruins are taking down opposing QBs the way USC has been taking down former players’ jerseys and photos — frequently and permanently!

  • @sureshot, I just love that you are making excuses for Houston losing to UCLA, I can just imagine the excuses you’ll have after goes 2-8 the rest of the way…I can’t wait to hear them.

    Like spedjones says Hawaii’s 3rd string QB took apart your secondary, imagine what Luck, Thread, Foles, and Locker will do to you? and with the poor tackling and your overweight OLine, that won’t be able to tackle Oregon and Oregon State backs…that’s already 6 losses right there…not counting UCLA and Notre Dame…add two more losses right there and it gives you 8 losses for the season.

    Your only wins the rest of the way will be against WSU and Cal.

  • spedjones

    Imagine what PRINCE will do!

  • Ladies and Gentlemen…you 2010 Heisman Trophy Winner….drum roll….from UCLA, Kevin Prince! šŸ˜€

  • sureshot

    Holy Moly! I was just reading the ESPN postgame reaction from the ucla/texas game and chuckled when someone wrote that the guy who voted texas #1 should get his ballot revoked. It was funny because I immediately thought of Wolf. Was it Scooter who was so foolish to rank the shorthorns #1? It was.

    Truly you know nothing about college football, Scooter.