Kicking Roles

Special teams coach John Baxter said Joe Houston would kick field goals and Jake Harfman will punt this season. That is a slight change in the roles as Harfman was considered the long-range field goal kicker in the past.
But Houston attempted a 48-yard field goal against Minnesota, which he missed.[EP
“The ball was one foot to the left of the left upright,” Baxter said. “There’s going to be a game where it will come down to the kicker and he’ll do it.”

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  • ThaiMex

    Wow….big departure from the past..Back in “The Good Old Day’s” was “We don’t need no stinking kickers”…and now its come to “Theres going to be a game where it will come down to the kicker and he’ll do it”. I guess even the Coaching staff is not impressed with the team after going up against a bunch of CREAMPUFFS.
    This WILL BE YOUR (5&8) YEAR…
    Fit on!

  • Free_Thinker

    ThaiMoron…that is you right. We’ll see at the end of the season if your brain is as big as your mouth. Not likely, but it will be interesting.

    By the way, since you always show up with negative crap here, who do you cheer for? Are you one of those UCLA morons who keep believing that Rick Neuheisel and Norm (grossly overrated) Chow will be your saviors?

  • BigContinuous

    The video game says he can’t make anything past 46yds. And the game is oddly always correct.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    @ThaiMoron: CREAMPUFFS? …UCLA played K-State (who went 6-6 last year) and you LOST! then you played Conference-USA powerhouse Houston!
    Not to mention, the might Stanford DEFENSE shut you out. 35-ZERO!!!
    Your powder blue boys are 1-2.
    It’s so stinking obvious how much you envy the Trojans (who are 3-0)
    FIGHT ON!!!!!!


    Baxter added, “There’s going to be a game where it will come down to taking a cheap shot and SUC will do it.”

  • norcaltroy

    facts are facts…our kicking game sucks.