Answer Thursday! (Part 4)

In this segment, a question about Matt Barkley.

Q: superlaker24 said:

Do you think Matt Barkley after years of being the best player in high school and being a true freshmen starter thinks he can make any throw? It seems like he is looking to the make a pass for a big play then instead of making a throw to the checkdown or throwing the ball away. Matt Barkley seems like he forces throws or he is too confident that he can make the play which is not there which is apparent in the Minnesota game with his interceptions and that pass that Tyron Smith caught.

A: He does still think he can make every throw. He is better at restraining himself from making every throw but reverted back to his 2009 form during the Minnesota game. When USC starts playing better teams, he will need to control his urge to make the tough throws. I can’t remember him throwing the ball away too often, which is something he did regularly in training camp. It’s one thing keeping him from being an elite QB.

Q: George Tirebiter said:
How do the Trojans feel about their chances of success on the appeal, like optimistic, pessimistic, or whatever, and do you feel that their feelings are realistic? Thanx in advance as always!

A: There is some optimism since Pat Haden was hired and all the new steps since the sanctions. But the truth is no one really knows what will happen.

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  • spedjones

    NCAA will only consider the punishment, not the post-punishment antics at SC. Sanctions will not be reduced.

  • The Gipper

    you guys can stop worrying about barkley’s decision-making. he won’t be throwing interceptions or anything else after Manti Teo rips off both of barkley’s arms, hollows barkley out and turns him into a canoe, and then uses barkley’s arms as oars on a voyage across the south seas, kontiki-style.

    so says The Gipper, ladies.

  • Free_Thinker

    You gotta love the bald raccoon’s self-perception. Wolf now considers himself a judge of who will be an elite QB. The guy can barely write, has trouble with simple facts, yet he is making talent judgments. No wonder they laugh at him at HH.

  • JAG

    That didn’t take long. Wolf is now going for two. Kiffin’s charm must be overwhelming him.

  • NJ Trojan

    I’m glad you’re off the meds, Gipper. You really crack me up.

  • NJ Trojan

    @superlaker24: A vertical passing game is characterized by big yards/attempt. Barkley’s yards/attempt is 7.75 (43rd nationally, 4th in the Pac-10). Maybe Barkley needs to take MORE shots downfield?

    Booty had 6.94 (53rd, 5th) in 07 & 7.68 (32nd, 3rd) in 06 & Palmer had 7.31 (49th, 8th).

    Sanchez had 8.76 (8th, 1st) in 08, Leinart had 8.85 (6th, 2nd) in 05, 8.06 (14th, 2nd) in 04 & 8.85 (10th, 1st) & Palmer had 8.06 (5th, 1st) in 02.

    Wouldn’t you rather have Barkley try to stretch the field like Sanchez, Leinart & Palmer (in 02) did? Or would you rather Barkley settled for the shorter passes like Booty & Palmer (in 01) did?

  • JAG


    Excellent work with the numbers.

    Barkley has taken shots down field in each game, with mixed results. Unfortunately, the shots downfield can only be justified if the picks can be minimized. Despite how Wolf and other members of the media try to spin it, 2 picks in 3 games for a true sophomore throwing downfield (to mostly less-experienced WRs, TEs, and RBs) is to be expected. Nobody is claiming that Barkely and the receivers are finished products.

    As the new coaching staff gets more comfortable with Barkley and the WRs, I think stretching the field will become a big part of USC’s game.

  • scinsc5

    i think lane is an assasin and the boys will be unleased bigtime once a real opponent appears. barkley will be fine. 13-0. The problem is that Alabama will also likely go undefeated. but usc will rise like a phoenix.