Answer Friday (Part 4)

Still time to answer a few more questions.

Q: Sam Gilbert said:
Is a Conference Championship game considered a post-season game and if so would USC then be unable to participate, or do the sanctions only include a “bowl” game?

A: USC cannot participate in a 13th game next year, so it is unable to play in a conference championship game.

Q: FightOnHusker said:
I noticed that you are the only AP voter to have Texas ranked number one. If Texas struggles against UCLA, do you think that you would drop them from that spot or will you keep them there until they lose?

A: It all depends. If UCLA played well and the game is close, I might keep them No. 1. If they played poorly on their own, then I might drop them.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    What? If Texas is really number 1, they should roll UCLA regardless of how the Bruins play.