Quiet Game

USC tailback Dillon Baxter was not prepared for the small crowd that showed up at Martin Stadium.
“It was weird coming in,” Baxter said. “It felt like a high school or a (junior college) game.”
The official attendance was 24,000 but the stadium looked like it had around 10,000 right before kickoff.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    D-Bax is a drama queen. He loves attention and is super arrogant and super awesome. Can’t wait till D-bax has a large crowd to play in front of. He will finally break some big plays once he feels the crowd is worthy. FIGHT ON!!!!

  • NOBS

    West B00B, Congrats. F Texas. Great win.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    You silly TroBans laughed at me all week, but I called my shot and we SKOOLED Tejas. Still feel confident about beating the Bruins?

    Off to party in Austin!

  • @KNOBBED, thanks.

    Free_Thinker said:
    RuinedSlob – Post a link on the SC blog and the Trojans are at your door. Better run along now, Texas is waiting to eat you up and spit you out.
    IS THAT SO??? LMAO (_!_) TASTE IT!!!!

  • lbc trojan

    Wow BruinRob. Win of the DECADE for the bruins. Seriously, good win, but calm down.
    You’re still 2-2. Stanford embarrassed your team and you have a lot of good offense to face in the Pac-10.
    Don’t get too cocky, you can be 5-6 before you know it.

  • @lbctrojan, thanks for those words of wisdom…I get too excited sometimes but c’mon, let me savor this win a little bit longer.

    Stanford is the real deal, if they get past Oregon they may go all the way unbeaten, they are so damn disciplined it’s sickening. Harbaugh has done one hell of job with that program.

  • I’m_Delon_Washington

    big fan of bruinrob after that last post … definitely thought i’d never say that.

    its all good, keeping the hate between usc and ucla. everyone else can drink from the l.a. river

  • Free_Thinker

    Nice to see Stanford kick ND’s ass. TOo bad OSU lost to BSU.

  • @Delon, LOL – it’s easy to be civilized and easier to defend your team when when you have a winning streak beating ranked opponents…God if feels good.

    Nothing like college football, they can take away the NBA, NFL, MLB, just don’t take away College Football.

  • Free_Thinker

    The difference between SC fans and UCLA trolls is that we can act like we’ve been there… because we have…every year for the past decade.

    Getting in a froth over two victories shows how desperate these people have become.

    Not to mention that by the end of the season, the euphoria of early wins against ranked teams may evaporate if those teams turn out to be impostors.

    Already out of the top 25, the vaunted Houston Cougars escaped with a win against the mighty Tulane Green Wave this week.

    Let’s wait till the end of the season before we crow about how good we are.

    In the meantime, let’s enjoy 4-0 and hope for continued improvements. We face some tough competition as the meat of the season draws near.

    Fight on!