• ThaiMex

    Ignored the scores of the first FOUR (4) games??? Who Goofed? (BTW…Healy was a UCLA guy, he didn’t think you guys were very “bright” (morons?), that’s why he referred to you guys as “The S.C. Brain surgeons”..he he, he he!
    O.K. knuckleheads…pay close attention…THE PARTY (creampuff schedule) is over. COUNT SMACKULA ( he loves to count!)can begin his SEVEN (7) day countdown, because, beginning this SATURDAY, your team of CHOIRBOYS is about to go on a very long losing streak. No more games against poughkeepsie state, william & Mary’s, or Minnesota (you shoulda lost that one, next year maybe you can sub a local J.C). Don’t get too depressed, because 5 & 8 is still a possibility!
    Fite on Troxan!

  • Free_Thinker

    The next few games will show where we really stand.

    We’ll also see if the Ruins revert to Bob Toledo form and drop a few to lowly teams following two impressive victories.

    Maybe they have the Boise State effect and play hugely overrated teams like VT.

  • Bobo

    Very impressive win by the Bruins. Anyone who has ever lived in TX can appreciate how great it feels to see the Longhorns go down especially to a Pac 10 team even if it is the Bruins.

    UCLA presents some matchup challenges for us on both sides of the ball. Should be interesting to see how this plays out. We still need to improve quite a bit to have a chance to win the Pac 10.

  • lbc trojan

    The difference between USC and UCLA is the Trojans never bragged excessively about big non-conference wins–it was expected at USC. Virginia Tech, BYU, Auburn, Arkansas, Ohio State, etc.
    UCLA wins and it’s “the start of a DYNASTY” in Westwood. Lol.
    Well good luck in the Pac-10 against experienced teams (Texas is young), much more potent offenses, and playing teams that know the opposition much better week in and week out.
    Things might be VERY different come December 4th.
    UCLA is 2-2
    This could really be YOUR YEAR!

    FIGHT ON!!!!!!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Thai Mexican… Enjoy your over rated win with your stolen offense from Nevada. Pac 10 foes will study that stupid offense, and Prince will get knocked out soon.

    As far as SC goes. Yes sir, we are playing this super perfectly super arrogantly. We only work hard enough to just win. These first four games were preseason games. See we are an NFL team and we don’t show our cards till the real season starts. Now many people are saying that it starts next Sat vs. Sark and the boyz, but I doth protest that the season doesn’t start until the payback game against “What’s your Deal” man…

  • lbc trojan

    @Monopoly: You’re getting WAY too obnoxious. Serioulsy man! Lol, cut the “totally arrogant and super awesome” stuff. The blog is great! But chill out!

    FIGHT ON!!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    LBC trojan… You might get demoted to Gold’s blog… Watch your step..

  • Stu

    Your players sound a lot smarter than your coach.