The Top 25

Here is this week’s ballot for the Associated Press poll.

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Boise State
4. TCU
5. Ohio State
6. Oklahoma
7. Nebraska
8. LSU
9. Stanford
10. Oregon
11. Auburn
12. Miami
13. Arkansas
14. Utah
15. Arizona
16. Air Force
17. Florida State
18. USC
19. Texas
20. South Carolina
21. West Virginia
22. Kansas State
23. Iowa
24. Nevada
25. Oregon State

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  • nomoregarrett

    Wolf dropped Texas from #1 to #19? All the way below USC? Looks like Texas definitely hurt Scotty’s feelings yesterday.

  • Trojan Conquest

    I think Stanford is a top 5 team. And what a joke that Scott had Texas #1 last week.

  • bproman

    You forgot to put Wisconsin on your ballot man. Why do they even give you a vote?

    You have had Wisconsin on all of your other ballots (giving them the lowest rank of all voters each week) and now they beat a bad team 70-3 so you drop them. You clearly have an irrational hatred of the Big Ten, but its not really clear why.

  • bruinbrian

    Too High- Florida, Oklahoma, Miami, Air Force (it took 13 4th quarter points to beat a bad Wyoming team), Florida State.
    Too Low- Ohio State, Oregon, Utah, Nevada.

    No vote this week for Houston as number 1?

  • BoscoH

    5 Pac-10 teams in this ballot. It is a shame we have to play each other.

  • BB2005

    HAHA so YOURE the idiot that kept giving Texas a #1 vote?? I bet you feel pretty STUPID now, huh? You should have your AP voting privileges REVOKED as you clearly have a thing against the Big Ten. My favorite anti-Big Ten thing you’ve done in the polls was dropping Ohio State the week after they beat your previously #8 Miami. Now how do you explain that??

    You are a joke. Maybe I should apply to be a voter in the AP poll since they clearly let any homer/idiot vote.

  • Free_Thinker

    TC is dead on. The way Sranford has looked in past two weeks, they look right up there. Especially if Boise State is ranked #3. BSU looks good, but given a couple twists, Oregon State could have taken that game.

    Wolf is a joke. He tries to look like a trendsetter by ranking Texas at the top and now looks even stupider by dropping the Longhorns to the bottom of the heap. He just can’t pull it off.

    And LSU at #8???

  • Free_Thinker

    Florida is way too high. They are just not same as last year. Wolf is a doofus.

  • DFWTrojan

    Kudos for ranking Nevada, but you’ve got to add NC State. The Wolfpack is for real!

  • gotroy22

    Scott should have dropped Arizona. No way they should have won that game against Cal last night.

  • sevenheismans

    With the Texas Two-Step UCLA put on the Longhorns I would expect Texas to drop out of the top ten but not to 19 like SW thinks. Texas @ #12 is more like it.

    And Florida @ #2, give me a break.

  • Free_Thinker

    Pac 10 will decimate each other. We should do as SEC and rotate the play while lining up non-conference stiffs.

  • lbc trojan

    A few question marks here and there, but overall, nice rankings Wolf. Nice to see you have some integrity and man up by dropping the Longhorns.

    Too high: Florida, LSU, Miami, Oregon State.

    Too low: THE FARM. Stanford’s looking solid. Can’t wait for next week. Oregon-Stanford will be a good one.


    Ps. With 2 solid wins against ranked opponents, UCLA should sneak in with another convincing win or two. Albeit against WSU and Cal, they’re looking better and better. Congrats Bruins, I still hate you, and can’t wait for December 4th.

  • LOL…it’s good to be hated, it means you must be up to something good.

  • Maloman

    Congrats USC for going on top of Texas in top 25! Lets make the pac-10 proud! We still hate you too! Dec. 4 will be great game! Lets hope are teams stay healty till that time!

  • People, People!! May I have you attention for a minute? I know we would like to think that our team is the greatest, whether we are 4-0 or 2-2 but, we must look consider tangible arguments before we claim to be better than the other.

    KSU 4-0
    STANFORD 4-0
    HOUSTON 3-1
    TEXAS 3-1
    NOTE: both losses have been to UCLA

    HAWAII 2-2
    VIRGINIA 2-1
    WSU 1-3
    NOTE: of the 4 wins by USC’s opponents only 1 came against a Div-1 team “Army” by Hawaii.


  • uscmike

    bRuin Rob: Um, USC’s opponents’ combined record is 6-9 based on your own figures.

  • spedjones

    Remember when I said Scott picked Texas at #1 to make the bruins look better when they won? Hmm, I sure am smart.

  • uscmike

    USC moved up two spots to No. 18 in the AP Poll. However, there are three one-loss teams ahead of USC (Arkansas, Miami, and Iowa).

  • @uscmike, sorry – you are correct – typo.

  • The Magic Y

    Wow, Scott buddy I’m not liking your ballot. Why don’t you like Wisconsin? As Sports Weekly once said, theres three things certain in life: death, taxes, and Wisconsin playing for ten wins in January. Here’s my rankings:

    1. Alabama 4-0(Defending national champs and unbeaten. Gotta have them there.)

    2. Boise State 3-0(Kellen Moore with Titus Young and Austin Pettis is almost impossible to stop.)

    3. Ohio State 4-0(Perhaps the top defense in the land, with the talented Terrelle Pryor on offense.)

    4. Oregon 4-0(An explosive offense and a big-play defense.)

    5. TCU 4-0(Defense has been a little disappointing, but you still gotta like the Horned Frogs.)

    6. Florida 4-0(Maybe the most athletically gifted team in the nation.)

    7. Oklahoma 4-0(Very unimpressive thus far. However, an offensive juggernaut nonetheless.)

    8. Wisconsin 4-0(So much talent at running back, with three guys that really could start pretty much any where in the nation. Oh, and it also doesn’t hurt to have college football’s best tight end with Lance Kendricks.)

    9. Stanford 4-0(Andrew Luck to me anyway, is today’s best NFL prospect at quarterback.)

    10. Arkansas 3-1(So close to beating Alabama)

    11. Nebraska 4-0(I Thought they were overrated out of the gate. With that said, you would think I would be ready to pounce on them for their poor performance this week. But one week doesn’t blank out how well Taylor Martinez has played thus far, and the cornhusker D has been very good all year.)

    12. LSU 4-0(Boy, has LSU’s D been good lately.)

    13. Arizona 4-0(Beating Iowa was impressive, and besides Oregon no one looks better then Arizona on defense in the Pac-10.)

    14. Iowa 3-1(Other then the lose to Arizona, Iowa has been great.)

    15. Auburn 4-0(Cameron Newton is certainly a big-time talent.)

    16. Miami (FL) 2-1 (Beating Pittsburgh 31-3 looks good on any resume.)

    17. Utah 4-0(The Utes are just a solid football team.)

    18. USC 4-0(Defense has been a little shaky compared to what the Trojans are use to. Even so, Matt Barkley and Ronald Johnson are a deadly combination.)

    19. South Carolina 3-1(Tough loss to Auburn.)

    20. Texas 3-1(The blow out loss to UCLA was bad.)

    21. Nevada 4-0(Call me crazy, but nobody seems to be able to slow down Colin Kaepernick and Nevada.)

    22. Michigan 4-0(Shoelace is just downright explosive.)

    23. Missouri 4-0(Blaine Gabbert always gives Missouri a chance.)

    24. North Carolina State 4-0(The only unbeaten team in the ACC behind a talented Russel Wilson.)

    25. Michigan State 4-0(Sparty’s unbeaten with a good duo at running back.)

  • oregon111

    AZ ST is better than both Or st & Va tech

    donkeys (boise st) are rated way too high

    Oregon is solid #3


    good pac10 teams this yr:

    Az st

    wild cards: (could play very good or very bad)


    not so hot:

    or st


    wa st


    I predict ducks wil repeat as conf champs

    Az st will rein on teams and finish second — ducks super lucky to get a W in 100 degree heat

  • Trojan Conquest

    Oregon111…..I live in AZ, and I don’t see ASU being that good. I’d put them in the UCLA, Oregon St level. Heck, I’d put almost all the teams in this area except the Washington schools at one end and Stanford and Oregon at the other. My ranking now, which I’m sure will change weekly.
    1 Stanford
    2 Oregon
    3 USC
    4 UofA
    5 UCLA
    6 Oregon St
    7 ASU
    8 Cal
    9 Washington
    10 Wash St