Answer Tuesday!

I’m reposting the answers to the last forum questions from last week because it was orginally posted very early this morning.

Q: NJ Trojan said:
Why the heck is Flournoy redshirting? Is he injured or just not good enough to get any playing time on a roster where Ausberry, Butler, and Carswell find there way onto the field?

A: He is not injured. I think Lane Kiffin is trying to stockpile players for the next three years and he tried to redshirt Markeith Ambles unsuccessfully. It’s all about depth and numbers right now.

Q: oneohsixseven said:
What’s going on with the Titans’ lawsuit against Lane?

A: It’s still in the infancy stage last I heard.

Q: Ghost of Charlie Bucket said:
wolfman, i am temporarily back from the nether regions to make an observation: while Kiff can appear abrasive and aloof, i sense this may just be a coping mechanism to mask some common insecurities.

but his bashfulness aside, do you agree that Kiff actually seems to show signs of having a sense of humor, some humility and the ability to admit mistakes, three things that Caesar was seemingly incapable of (after he became “Caesar”, that is)?

A: He is definitely more blunt than Pete Carroll when he describes things and is not afraid to criticize players (something that dates back to his days as an asst. coach). He does have a cynical sense of humor but he’s tried to mask it at USC. But he does try to keep the players humble, which is a good trait.

Q: TROJANS32 said:
Scott, any idea why Kiff doesn’t seem to realize that we need commits from offensive linemen and linebackers?
Thank you.

A: I think he does realize it but it’s been hard to get early commits from the right players at those spots. I’m sure USC will sign both at the end of the day.

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  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    sweeeeeet answer, wolf!! i see you validated the ChuckerBucker’s assessment of Kiff!!

    looks like it took a Bruin to get the true bead on Kiff!!!

    thanks, and keeep oooooooooon scooopin’ wolfman!!!

  • JAG

    Thankyou for reposting last week’s forum questions. I had intended to read them yesterday, but I woke up so early tomarrow morning that you hadn’t posted them yet.