Nebraska Plan

Lane Kiffin was asked if he could use any of Nebraska’s game plan to shut down Washington quarterback Jake Locker.
“If you can put six DB’s on the field that run 4.4,” Kiffin said. “That’s something with our personnel we don’t have the ability to do.”

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  • DallasTrojan

    That may be the best explanation as to why SC has had problems with running QBs over the years. We have had big DBs that are not quite as fast as the smaller DBs.

  • Lane Kiffin

    So Goatboy is fearing Jake 4 for 20 Locker. Does Nebraska even have a player, besides their qb, that runs a 4.6.
    Udub is a bad team , poorly coached,and cannot tackle. If Goatboy loses to Suckisian, he will have a even shorter stay at SC than Suckisian has at Udub.

    Holmoe vs Hackett is what this game should be called.