Answer Wednesday! (Part 2)

Back to the questions!

Q: Fatty McButterpants said:
Could you please explain your grade of C- for the Special Teams against Wazzou? They blocked a punt, blocked an Extra Point, were a perfect 7-7 on their Extra Points, including a successful 2 pointer, and had perfect kick coverage. Despite all that, because Joe Houston missed a FG before the half, they barely pass with a C-? Please explain this logic.

A: I downgraded for one main reason: The opponent was Washington State, probably the worst team I’ve seen in recent memory and totally inept at 2 small things: blocking and tackling. As Marc Tyler told me, I could have run through the holes against Washington State. So the blocked punt was great but occurred against a pathetic opponent. That said, I think it’s worrisome that USC’s kicker is 1 for 4. It’s great that USC’s played an uninspired schedule so far but what if the Trojans played some real teams and were in a nailbiter? The coaches would not be so philosophical right now if USC were 2-2 because Joe Houston missed field goals that would have won the game.

Q: cjs1993 said:
Will you please give some insight into the relationship between Kiffin and Sarkisian. Kiffin’s comments about preparing for game 5 were interesting (i.e. that they have spent a lot of time preparing for this game).

A: They actually get along pretty well, about as well as anyone does (can?) with Lane Kiffin. Remember the pair were working together to oust Norm Chow in 2004, so they are good friends.

Q: OOSK said:
I understand and accept the 2-point formation / decision to go for 2. But, wouldn’t it be a good idea to use Dillon Baxter in the Mitch Mustain position? He can run, throw, and (presumably) hold the PAT if necessary. It seems his speed and elusiveness would match up much better on the tackle dive play that Mustain scored on against WASU (and the sweep left that Mustain failed on against Hawaii). Thoughts? Mind asking / suggesting this to Sunshine?

A: I might ask Sunshine today. Thanks for reminding me.

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  • Fatty McButterpants

    No Offense Scott, but what kind of an answer is that to my question? I ask you to explain a C- grade for the Special Teams that were stellar, and your answer is that you downgraded them because they were playing Washington St.? You were grading the Washington St. game!!! By that logic, shouldnt everyone who did well be downgraded because they were playing Washington St.? Im thinking you dont really understand the concept of grading out a game performance. You grade the performance against that team, not what you think they would have done against another team. Whats the point of the grade if youre going to discount the performance based on who the opponent is? Either they performed well or they didnt. Its pretty simple.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Fatty…….Logic? You’re using logic on Scott?

  • dtksr1

    Scott, your answer to cjs 1993’s question included the statement Kif & Sark worked together to oust Chow? I hope you have solid proof beyond just saying it… What is that proof?