Answer Wednesday! (Part 3)

Questions here about recruiting and the shotgun.

Q: spedjones said:
What’s the latest on Kent Turene? Is he still solid? Rumors are flying that Wayne Lyons is pushing UCLA on him…

A: He’s got a few schools that are making a hard push despite his commitment and he’s going to be one of those guys that you will probably need to wait until signing date to be sure. He could end up at UCLA but a lot will depend on how easily he feels he will transition to linebacker to USC. With Malcolm Smith and Michael Morgan departing, two outside spots open up and that’s a tempting prospects for recruits.

Do you think this USC team would have beaten Texas at Texas this past Saturday?

A: Hard to say. You can never say what would happen if a different team came and played Texas in Austin. Did Texas self-destruct or did UCLA force them to? You could also ask me if USC played Stanford, would it lose 35-0? And I’d say, hard to say to that one too.

Q: SCFTBL1 said:
Now that we are in the Pac-Ten season, will Barkley use the shotgun formation more often.

A: I believe he will have to because the games will be closer and the third-down situations will be longer than in the first four games. USC will need to be more varied offensively against better opponents and the shotgun will likely reappear. Probably more the week after this when they play Stanford.

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  • sureshot

    Hard to say?

    Is it hard to say if ucla forced the knucklehead punt returner to field the ball on his own four yardline, subsequently botching his ill advised return and breathing life into the rotting corpse that is the ucla offense? Did ucla force Texas to have 12 men in the huddle after forcing a punt as they were trying to make a comeback? I say that Texas self-destructed like few teams have ever self destructed before. Of course, it helps when you have guys like Akeem Ayers chasing people down and laying mo-fos out. Let’s see how the gutty little bruins do within the Pac-10 schedule before we go patting them on the back too much. As it stands, they have given up 35 more points than they’ve scored in conference play. And that, is simply not very good.