Tale Of Two Coaches

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh is 5-0 as a double-digit favorite since being hired. USC coach Lane Kiffin is 1-3.

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  • lbc trojan

    Yup, Kiffin sucks. Can’t cover the spread. What a total loser.

  • JAG

    Get a life, Wolf. These stats are for “against-the-spread”, which I guess you forgot to mention. Fact is, both coaches are undefeated as double-digit favorites.

    Your statement that record against the spread is “an indication of strength” is completely assinine. For your sake, maybe USC will really lose a few games this year, as your repetitive assault on the record of an undefeated coach is making you look like a fool.

  • sevenheismans


    Why do you have to be such an antagonist? Give it a break for a change. There is enough negativity in life. We don’t need you adding to it everyday, after day, after day.

  • Keith15

    Wolf, do you mean 5-0 against the spread? Because Kiffin hasn’t lost yet as the USC coach. Not sure you’ve realized this.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    Wolf should just move this blog over to Bodog.com or some other gambling site.

    If USC can win games despite the NCAA sanctions, I don’t care if they fail to cover the spread for the next three years.

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Yo Wolfie the spread is set to even out the betting on both sides. SC is popular so the spread generally favors the other team. Makes your analysis meaningless not that it matters.

  • wrong

    Another example. What’s next, will SW claim these errors are on purpose to attract more attention to his site. Which is it? Poor Journalism or Poor Journalism?

  • NOBS

    Scott, how many national championship teams has Harbuger been on? Same # as the losses he has against the spread….ZERO

  • Ralph Von Albertson, Esq.


    Mr. Wolf, even I find this post to be pointless. Coach Harbaugh has no need to resort to tacky wagering statistics to prove himself superior to Coach Kiffin. Ample evidence will be produced on the field soon enough.

    And at what online cesspit did you even find this information? You should update your virus protection before conducting such research — just as one must obtain booster shots before visiting Burma, the Dark Continent, or Exposition Park!

    Best regards,

    Ralph Von Albertson, Esq., Stanford ’95, ’99

    (dictated but not read)