The Map


The Pac-10 gets some respect this Saturday when a huge chunk of the country gets the Stanford-Oregon game instead of Notre Dame-Boston College.

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  • uscmike

    What a strange map. Why is North Dakota, eastern Montana, nortwestern Wyoming, northeastern Nebraska, northwestern Iowa, and northwestern Minnesota getting ND-BC, when the surrounding areas are getting Stanford-Oregon? It reminds me of the map of Berlin during the Cold War.

  • USC Anteater

    Why is ESPN/ABC broadcasting ND-BC at all? I thought ND was on NBC, and you’d think NBC wouldn’t let a historic rivalry game get away to a rival network. Or has the ND-BC game gone the way of the ND-Miami rivalry?

  • sctrojan84

    Too bad that is like a GOP/Dem map. Even though that covers 80% of the country, 80% of the population lives in that 20% of the map that is showing the ND/BC game…

  • sctrojan84

    NBC only shows ND home games…

  • NOBS

    USC Ant, NBC paid ESPN big bucks so it could show a rerun of Happy Days and finally get a rating.

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    The Cancer Survivor Linebacker playing for Boston College should get Heisman consideration…he’s accomplished more than anyone else playing College Football. As for that 1-2 team getting on National TV…..damn shame Reggie Bush didn’t go with his initial choice and attend Notre Dame.

  • Trojan Conquest

    This may be the best game of the year.


    Scott, I love how this map uses UCLA colors!

    How about a map of Los Angeles showing which part of the city likes the Bruins, and which part of the city LOVES the Bruins!!

  • Sam Gilbert

    Maybe North Dakota has more Catholics.

  • spedjones

    how ’bout that – 2 top-10 teams or two crap teams. I’m not sure why the entire country doesn’t get Oregon v. Furd.

  • Yup, I love the colors used in the map…and I’m sure NOBS also loves it, being a new UCLA Bruin fan and all.