WACky Rules

Am I missing something here?
The WAC suspended Boise State player Winston Venable for half a game today as a result of a flagrant foul he committed against Oregon State’s James Rodgers last weekend.
“After reviewing this play, it was determined that a flagrant personal foul should have been called by the game officials which would have resulted in the player being ejected,” said WAC commissioner Karl Benson.
The penalty was appealed by Boise State and reduced to a half-game by something called the WAC Sportsmanship Committee.
Something tells me if Venable played for New Mexico State and not Boise State, his penalty would be for a full game. And how does someone commit a penalty worthy of ejection and then get his penalty reduced to half a game?
No wonder this conference is sinking.

Sarkisian Over Kiffin?

Lane Kiffin believed it’s such an advantage for Steve Sarkisian to coach against USC (even two recruiting classes removed from his day as offensive coordinator) that I’m going to have to ask him if he thinks Sarkisian would have been the best choice to replace Pete Carroll because of his familiarity with the talent.