The Top 25

Here is my ballot for this week’s Associated Press poll.

1. Alabama

2. Oklahoma

3. Oregon

4. Boise State

5. TCU

6. Ohio State

7. Nebraska

8. Florida

9. LSU

10. Auburn

11. Miami

12. Arkansas

13. Stanford

14. Utah

15. Arizona

16. Air Force

17. Florida State

18. South Carolina

19. West Virginia

20. Kansas State

21. Iowa

22. Michigan State

23. Nevada

24. Oregon State

25. Oklahoma State

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  • I agree with your ballot, brilliant as always Scott.

  • NOBS

    I agree. SC is not that good. Well, SW, you finally got your wish that SC is $h!tty. Not your reporting can match you cover.

  • BruinInSeattle

    Stanford drops four places to #13 after losing to #4 Oregon? Yet Florida only gets bumped one place for being decimated by Alabama? This makes no sense. Stanford is easily better than Florida.

  • NOBS, welcome to the Bruin family my brother. šŸ™‚

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    NUBS, a member of the Secret Cadre??? oh dear. this requires a Secret Council meeting of the Secret Cadre.

    hmmm he does not appear to have any of the pre-requisites of Secret Cadre membership:
    -good looks
    -joie de vie
    -Cade McNown poster
    -wolf’s cellphone#

    well i guess he can be our clubhouse boy, like “Spider” from “Goodfellas”. fetching us drinks and sandwiches during our Secret Cadre meetings. NUBS, just stay away from Yoda, he doesn’t like you.

  • Free_Thinker

    Hey Scott,

    What happened to your number one ranked Longhorns?

  • NOBS

    Ghost, I only have one thing you bRuins don’t have: a big package. Your wife loves it.

  • ThaiMex

    Good afternoon…Glad to see most of you southern cal BOZO’s made it thru the game and returned to “home sweet home”, though science 5 hasn’t checked in yet.
    The “in-fighting” and juvenile behavior (knubs…to The FRONT of the CLASS) is not only going to continue (i loved the line by the Tool that “TRIED” comparing Carroll’s start to Kiffy’s), but wait till you see what happens once the once proud football team loses it’s next 3 games and eventually ends up with a losing record! MERCY NURSE! (losing record=no Bowl Game….oops..almost forgot!)
    Here it comes again……
    This Will Be YOUR YEAR (5 & 8 is looking good!)
    Fite on Trogan
    (trust me, The Gay Heavy Metal Horse is a CURSE)

  • sureshot

    How in the name of Zeus’ butthole can you have Oklahoma ranked #2? Did you see that game? They wanted to give the game away almost as much as Texas did. That just looked like two (current) USCs out there.

    And Florida is wildly overrated. I know Alabama is good (really good, in fact) but Florida got “runned ova” by the Crimson Tide. Just demolished. Stanford looked really good for a while, then the speed of Oregon took over. I’d love to see Stanford play LSU on a neutral field. I think the Cardinal would win 37-12.