• Trojan Conquest

    Yeah, because every other coach doesn’t love to beat USC.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    but Harbaugh REALLY loves beating Southern Cal!! who could forget the upset from ’07?? Baugh and his 41 pt dogs beat #1 ranked Southern Cal on their own field knocking them out of contention for the Natl Champeenship!!!

    biggest upset in history by most accounts. and Baugh did it starting a saucer-eyed QB who never before completed a pass in a game!!

    oh, the trOJies are in big trouble…has the Old Monty had time to study the new “wolfman defense” developed by wolf and the Secret Cadre?? might be Southern Cal’s only hope!

  • Keith15

    It’s not the playcalling I am so much worried about. YES, Kiffin could have run on 3rd and 4th downs instead of leaving the game in the hands of the inept Barkley, the shaky kicker, and his father who is obviously having a stroke in installments while calling his defense. Lane had as bad a 4th quarter in making coaching decisions as has been seen in a while. But now this staff really has to coach. They really have to motivate
    My concerns coming into the Stanford week are the defense and whether or not this team has the nasty streak in them that it will take to compete against the Cardinal attack. If the defense can’t get the Stanford team off the field (allowing 7 3rd-down and 2 4th-down conversions against UW) it will get real ugly real fast. Every time Washington converted a 3rd down on a drive, they put points on the board. In fact, only one of 7 “stops” on 3rd down led to getting the football back. One time! That was a gift too. On 1st down Locker made a bad throw to Polk on a wheel route where no Trojan was in 15 yards of him and looked to be a sure TD. On 3rd down Locker hit a wide open Kearse in the face mask leading to a drop. It wasn’t so much a “stop” by the Trojans as it was a complete failure to make simple plays by the Huskies.
    Stanford is going to be angry after being blown off the field in the second half in Eugene. Harbaugh will want to put up 70 to show USC what his deal is. If this team doesn’t respond to that challenge, get nasty, and compete this weekend, the Cardinal will again embarass us. This week is what we have all been wondering about. What happens when this team loses and there is technically nothing to play for any more? How does it respond? Is there really any leadership amongst this group? We shall see.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @Ghost of Charlie Bucket
    Go check the records before you say anything. USC was ranked #2 when they lost to Stanford, not #1. I know, it feels like USC is always ranked #1.
    Fight on!

  • BRUtus

    Kiffin is an idiot. I’m afraid for us. His post-game commentary scares me. Way to motivate your team Lane. That loss is on YOU.

  • incalos

    Furd 52
    sc 24

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Ohhh the big bad baugh?? Oh no.. Well guess what, Kiff loves to punk the big A-holes in the conference. He almost punked Urban and Les last year… Keep on being arrogant Baugh, but you can’t our arrogant us. We are comin for that ass…

  • Free_Thinker

    Monopoly …love the spitfire ‘tude…hope our boys come to game as fired up as you. Would love to punk a clearly superior Cardinal team. Fight on!