USC-Washington Report Card

Here are the grades for the Washington game:

RESULT: Washington 32, No. 18 USC 31
RECORD: 4-1, 1-1


Matt Barkley played pretty well until the two biggest throws at the end of the game. After 17 starts, needs to be more consistent.



Allen Bradford rushed for a career-high 223 yards but where was Dillon Baxter?



Hard to believe Robert Woods did not make a catch against Husky defense.



Opened holes all night. Too bad didn’t get two more chances at third-and-4 from 23.



There was a time when this was supposed to be the best unit on the team.



On the plus side, they miss less tackles than the secondary.



For those wondering, Monte Kiffin was considered a genius at Tampa Bay. Not L.A.



Perhaps now everyone understands why we downgraded special teams last week solely on kicking.



Waved the white flag on Washington’s final drive and it’s only Game 5? This season could get really long really fast.


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  • DFWTrojan

    O-line deserves an A+. O sacks, huge holes all night.

  • lbc trojan

    GOD YOU’RE AN IDIOT WOLF. Why the hell would we want Dillon Baxter in? Allen Bradford had a CAREER day with 220+ and 2 TDs. He wouldnt’ve had rhythm had Baxter been thrown in. Plus, what would a freshman have done? God you’re a moron.

  • BoscoH

    I think Scott wanted Baxter in place of Tyler on the wildcat plays, not in place of Bradford. Kiffin clearly wants to bring Baxter along slowly this year, and I can get behind that with the maturity issues and the new “high profile athlete” standard.

    Totally agree with the coaching F- though. Leisure management major at Fresno State needs an upper division clock management class. For sure. Fight On Sunshine.

  • SacTownTrojan

    I don’t get all the mean spiritedness on this blog. Can’t we have a more mature, and intelligent dialogue and deep six the name calling? Wolf criticizes and questions, but I don’t ever recall him calling anyone an “idiot” or a “moron”.

    Anyway, I agree with Wolf. O line failed to open up a hole on the most crucial play, therefore, no A.

    Isn’t Baxter supposed to be THE wildcat slash and burner, with a QB arm? Doesn’t the threat of throwing open up the wildcat plays? I also agree that he should have been involved more.

  • Fatty McButterpants


    Perhaps now everyone understands why we downgraded special teams last week solely on kicking.


    Actually Wolf, your Special Teams grade from last week still doesnt make sense. You see, thats why you have a new grade this week, because they are playing a different opponent and you can grade on this weeks performance. You downgraded nearly perfect Special Teams from last week to a C- because you thought Houston would cost them later in the season. The reason you grade from week to week is to actually account for the differences from week to week. Using your backwards logic, Im going to go ahead and give the Defense an A this week, because I think they will play much better against UCLA. You see how dumb that sounds?

  • lbc trojan

    @BoscoH, I know he does. But putting in Baxter wouldn’t make any sense regardless. Like I said, even Marc Tyler in as much as he was wasn’t totally necessary. It worked, but AB was dominating. Let’s reminisce:
    It’s 2008..
    Joe McKnight out’ve the wildcat at Oregon State..
    McKnight fumbles the ball..
    Oregon State scores again to go up 21-0 at half..
    He was a sophomore.
    Yeah….. let’s see what true freshman D Baxter can do… right.
    Our offense looked terrific at times. Stop talking about Baxter and Havili; we scored points.
    Defense is the issue.