No Timeout?

Lane Kiffin let Stanford kick its game-winning field goal without calling a timeout even though he had one left with four seconds remaining in the game. He used two last week to try and ice Washington.

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  • Free_Thinker

    The whole notion of icing seems to be of little value and this whole discussion was carried on last week on the real USC blog. But never let it be said the the king of cut&paste is not also the king of second-guessing. Are you and that idiot Plaschke related?


    It would not have mattered, that kid is a good kicker.

    And after reading all the SC comments all I have to say is did anybody see the game I saw? It was one of the most entertaining and exciting games in a long time.

    And isn’t that what it’s all about!?

  • norcaltroy

    Lawyer John, it’s about winning. Exciting and entertaining losses are for other schools.

  • BoscoH

    Hopefully Pat or JK told him it didn’t reflect well on USC. Not a rebuke, just a reminder that like no names on the jerseys and black shoes, there are some things that define the program. It’s excusable that he did it last week, as it’s such common practice now, nobody ever thought of it as a problem.

  • spedjones

    I agree with Lawyer John. As much as I love a good SC loss, that game last night was fantastic. 2 great QBs, Woods with an all-time game as just a freshman, and Luck just being Luck. Trogans have nothing to be ashamed of. It may not be the old SC, but it still is better than my Bruins. As a tribute, I’m taking the week off from this blog.

  • BoscoH

    Oh, and LAWYER JOHN, you’re absolutely right. And if you didn’t enjoy the game itself, the whole subplot about the poetry exchange between Coach Harbaugh and his player that goes both ways was touching.

  • Lambeau

    Wow, that’s classy of you Sped. Really was a great game. SC is very close to being 6-0. Unfortunate, but these guys are young and WILL GET BETTER.
    Fight on!

    Ps. Wolf, you’re a moron. Last week he ices the kicker TWICE, and you complain! Then he doesn’t this week, and you complain! Kiffin can’t win with you (Although I’m positive he couldn’t care less. Plus, his play-calling is brilliant). It was a chip shot anyway… great game.

  • NJ Trojan

    You nincompoop, the whole reason for the late “icing” is so the kicker doesn’t know if it’s comming. If he’s thinking about whether Kiffin’s going to call it, it may throw is rythym off just enough to miss the kick.