The Top 25

And it’s a new No. 1 for my Associated Press Top 25 ballot.

1. Texas Christian

2. Oklahoma

3. Oregon

4. Boise State

5. LSU

6. Ohio State

7. Auburn

8. South Carolina

9. Nebraska

10. Alabama

11. Arkansas

12. Stanford

13. Utah

14. Air Force

15. Florida State

16. Florida

17. West Virginia

18. Oregon State

19. Arizona

20. Michigan State

21. Iowa

22. Nevada

23. Oklahoma State

24. Missouri

25. Wisconsin

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  • Fatty McButterpants

    Jesus Christ Wolf, you really should have your vote revoked. TCU at #1? Really? Have you even watched one game of theirs outside of Oregon St.? Did you see them struggle with SMU? Can you name another team of any value besides Oregon St that they have beaten? If you want to be a contrarian, just put Boise #1, they are better than TCU. TCU might not even be Top 10 material if they had to play the other teams in the rankings, they certainly would be underdogs in every game. Your voting has gone past cute and eccentric and right now is downright irresponsible.

  • AngryTrey

    Scott, you finally got your poll right, and thank you for leaving Nebraska low at #9. The huskers are the most overrated team in country right now.

    Fatty McButterpants, it seems like you are the one that hasn’t been watching TCU. Back-to-back shutouts and clicking on all cylinders. Plus, matchups with Air Force and a top 10 Utah team looming on the horizon. I guess I didnt realize a 17 point win on the road against the team who will probably win C-USA is a struggle.

  • Trojan Conquest

    WTF? Really………TCU and Oklahoma are better than Oregon? Come on.

  • Fatty McButterpants

    @AngryTrey- Holy Smokes, back to back shutouts against Colorado St. and Wyoming, a combined 3-9 between them. I stand corrected, TCU is #1 with a bullet!!! Do you think it is a coincidence that TCU had all of 1 #1 vote this week? Oh yeah, that was Wolfies vote. Good call AngryTrey, you definitely know your college football.

  • Jay#42

    Wolf please no more, I am ROFLMAO. Please do the honorable thing and don’t post your vote before someboy strokes out.

  • sevenheismans

    At least get the top ten right Scott!

    1. Ohio State
    2. Oregon
    3. Alabama
    4. Nebraska
    5. Oklahoma
    6. Auburn
    7. Bosie State
    8. TCU
    9. Michigan State
    10.South Carolina

  • DT-89

    My gosh, so many readers of this blog seem to live to vent their collective spleens over the smallest details, like polls. Even if we don’t agree with this poll, can anyone say there’s no basis for it?

    TCU is a very capable team, as is every member of the top 10 here.

    Ohio State may win it all, but having played the weakest schedule in America, I have NO PROBLEM downgrading them.

    Auburn has been very fortunate not to lose a game, let alone three.

    Oklahoma has eked out a couple of wins.

    Alabama is terrific, but they nearly lost to Arkansas, before running into S. Carolina’s best game in many years.

    If we didn’t know and respect Oregon, I’m sure some readers would be screaming about their messy, unimpressive win against the worst team in Pac-10.

    The fact is, these polls are very, very subjective. Give Wolf credit for not simply copying what everyone else is doing.

    For better or for worse, TCU has a very good chance of going undefeated, as does Boise State. A couple of breaks, and they play for it all in the BCS.

  • Free_Thinker

    Ever seeking to be a contrarian, the Wolf had the Texas Longhorns at #1 for the first three weeks…until the Mighty Ruins exposed them for what they were: incredibly over-rated.

    Now secondhand Wolf has the mighty Horned Frogs at the top. Some of their conquests include mighty Tennessee Tech (2-4), Colorado State (1-5) and the vaunted Wyoming Cowboys (2-4).

    I believe TCU and BSU are good teams, but number one? Wolf really shows off his footbal prowess by making his ballot public.

  • BoscoH

    Scott’s criteria go like this:

    1. Wins and Losses — This is how Stanford is #12 and USC unranked. In reality, you saw 12a and 12b punching each other in the face all night long.

    2. Defense — This is why TCU is number 1. The Pac 10 plays no defense, it’s not just a USC problem.

    3. Ohio State is a fraud — The sweater vest just can’t survive a whole season of dry cleanings.

    4. Les Miles — Scott’s nickname for him would be “The Buffoon” if he were our coach, but he is entertaining week in and week out if there’s no threat of having to play him.

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    If Ohio State makes it to the BCS Title game, it will be 3 appearances in the last 5 years. The 2 years they didn’t, they played and lost to USC. The 2 years they have so far, they lost to the SEC……enough of this Big 10 Fraud. Oklahoma as well. Two of the most overrated, undeserving teams who somehow keep getting into the BCS Title game.

  • jeff

    All you people hating on Ohio State.. they beat the PAC 10 champ that you’re all in love with by double digits last year. Just sayin’. Like it or not, most voters are not as insane as Wolfy. Buckeyes are #1.

  • pspatry

    I’m glad to see that someone watched the TCU vs Wyoming game this weekend. For everyone who feels TCU is overrated, you guys have not watched them play at all. Sure TCU struggle against SMU the first half, but really…they won 41-24. SMU is TCU’s biggest rival, they played their hardest, and still lost by 17 points. Two shut out back to back is impressive, plus Andy Dalton has his throwing game back.

    Let’s look at the other teams that deserve the number one spot…

    Ohio State, wow, impressive win against Illinois…(no one can the SMU example without this acknowledging this)

    Oregon, not bad, deserves to be in the top 3

    Nebraska, most overrated team in the country…they have played no one…really, no one.

    Boise State, biggest thing against them is their horrible schedule…

    Oklahoma, weak wins…barley beat Air Force and Utah State (embarrassing)

    The fact is TCU is currently the best school in the nation, just glad someone else realizes this. Good work Mr. Wolf, glad you actually watch the games you vote on

  • Free_Thinker

    PSPAT –

    I highly doubt Wolf watched the game. If he had, there would be even less reasons to move TCU to number one. If they make it to a title game, they will be dismantled by a power conference team. So will BSU.

    They might do well playing for #6 or 8, and they might even give Alabama or Ohio state a game for three quarters, but they are not good enough to win it all.

    Keep on wishing.

  • AngryTrey

    I love all the speculation about how TCU would lose to so and so. Keep stating your opinions as facts, maybe someone else will buy into it.

  • roryror

    pspatry: “Nebraska, most overrated team in the country…they have played no one…really, no one.”

    Wait, what? They beat Washington by 35. Washington beat a team called USC. They beat Kansas St by 35. Kansas St. beat a team called UCLA. As an LA Sports fan, I think that means a bit of something.

    I don’t think Nebraska’s the #1 team in the country right now, but clearly worth consideration.

    As for TCU, I just don’t think they’ve really done anything to prove they’re the #1 team. Oregon put the hurt on a good Stanford team; Ohio St. stomped on a good Miami team; Oklahoma crushed a good Florida St. team; Boise St. beat a suddenly-looking-good-again Virginia Tech squad.

    Maybe it’s just that I don’t think of Oregon St. as being a very good team (been outscored 150-140 on the season, never looked elite), but I don’t really see TCU as having given a reason to be the #1 team.