• 29th Street

    Fight Club question – Ed Orgeron versus the Stanford Tree? Ed Orgeron is on crutches but the Stanford Tree is a tree.

  • Fatty McButterpants

    Scott, what are your personal thoughts on the Stanford Clock Operator? It seemed pretty evident to me he was blatantly trying to leave Stanford more time for a final drive:

    1) He didnt run the clock on the play before the snap on the Bradford TD.

    2) He didnt run the clock on the kickoff until Owusu had run 19 yards out of the end zone.

    3) He immediately stopped the clock at :07 before the final FG, even though neither Harbaugh nor the Official had called a timeout was waiting to call his timeout at the :04 mark. He didnt even need to do this, but did so anyway.

    This guy gave Stanford and additional 20-25 seconds of time to work with in the final minute. 1:02 from your 25 yard line is a lot different than :37 at your own 25 yard line. Your thoughts?

  • Ryan


    Based on USC’s defensive performances thus far. How much would you pay Monte Kiffin for the job he is doing (in dollars please)?

  • lbc trojan

    Why only a B+ for Barkley and the receivers? He threw to Butler, Johnson, Woods, Havili, Carswell, Cameron etc. Barkley distributed the ball to all receivers with nearly 400 yards (390 to be exact) and 3 TDs with 0 INTs. Woods had 220-something yards.
    The defense clearly lost the game. What does the passing game have to do to earn an A by your silly standards? Thanks

  • MMoreno1015


    Has Kiffin provided any clarification as to why he called a run play right before the end of the half and thus letting valuable time run off the clock? Was he trying to catch Stanford off guard?

  • JamesUSC99

    Is the Fat Booster now officially a Washington booster? If that is indeed the case, does that mean he now spends much/all of his time up in Seattle? Since Seattle has a lot of seafood, will he soon be the Skinny Booster?

  • FiestaHobbit

    How many of USC’s current commits can enroll early? Do they have any JuCo prospects on the radar for early enrollment to help get the numbers up? If USC has not heard back before signing date does that mean they are going to sign 20?

  • BoscoH

    You are the defensive coordinator of a team facing the Trojans. Do you cover the receivers tight (or at all) and let Bradford go 10 yards a pop up the middle or do you leave 8 in the box and make MB7 complete passes to Woods and RoJo?

  • billbixby

    What do the coaches see in Jawanza Starling that they don’t explore other options at the free safety position. Seems like they start him out even further out of the play than Taylor Mays ever was and then he either a) comes up and misses tackles badly or b) gets beat deep. It’s like playing a 10 man defense every week. You go the games/practice what are your thoughts?

  • Scott Kriebel

    Hi Scott,

    Nice name!

    What are the chances Lane replaces his dad with a bright, younger, respected college defensive coordinator after this season?

    Any chance we can improve on defense with new recruits?

    Will Pat Hayden give Lane any credit for the way the offense is playing?

  • cjs1993

    One question for Scott, one for Lane:

    1) Shouldn’t the coaching staff be aware of whether the game clock is moving? I know that the officials should have done the right thing (started the clock), but Lane and staff should have been on top of that as it was happening. That should have, and could have, been cleared up at the time that the error was made.

    2) For Lane: did you give any consideration to running more time off of the clock before scoring at the end of the game (e.g. letting Barkley run a QB sneak to simply pick up a yard and run more time off of the clock). 1st and goal at the 3 with over a minute left, you don’t need to score right away…at least when your defense is so poor.

  • SCUSCfan

    What do you think the penalties will be for UNC in light of the days most recent announcement that at least three players took large gifts from agents? Also add the fact that many of the players cheated.

  • gotroy22

    Why do you think Michael Morgan, the 4 star and #67 overall recruit in the nation in 2006, looked so completely lost out there in the Stanford game, holding and even tackling receivers instead of covering them?

  • NOBS

    Was the Fat Booster on the sidelines? If so, why didn’t he yell at the Ref regarding the play clock?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Wolf, what offseason changes to the coaching staff do you forsee considering that the defense is the weak link of the team (weird considering that the defense was viewed stronger in the summer)? BTW do you view the lack of defense as a result of personnel or coaching? Thank you in advance.

  • Trojan Conquest

    What personnel changes do you see for the defense next year to get it to be average? Yes, the Tampa 2 is not the answer, but last year and this year is showing that this personnel is lacking. How do the freshman like Pullard and others look that might come in a play? Any recruits that could play right away?

  • malachi crunch5

    Hi Scott,

    Are you a vegetarian?

    Thank you in advance for your response about this matter.

  • Hashi

    Can we expect to see more of the Horton boys down the stretch? I know Wes will play when healthy, but Shane looked like the only defender that could tackle. Is there talk of starting him over Smith/Morgan?

  • dtksr1

    What else can be asked about the team that hasn’t already? We all know the problems and the coaching staff’s ability/inability/unwillingness to fix them. So I will ask about the PAC-12 conference division debate. Everyone wants to be aligned with the LA schools because it means they will be on TV more and get a better pop in the pocketbook. Aside from being in a large metropolitan base, if certain schools would make a bigger commitment in their athletic programs, they would be compensated accordingly due to success of their programs. This obviously has escaped some of the supposedly rocket scientists who run our colleges. You have to put something in to expect a nice payday back unless the other member schools let you get away with it. Why Scott Wolf?


    Why doesn’t the Pac Ten fire all of their football and basketball officials and get new ones? They are the worst in the country and there are plenty of excellent officials waiting for the opportunity to move up. There is a good old boy network in officiating and either the WAC or Mtn. West did this recently in football. It’s time for a change.

  • RBex4sc

    Scott, can you do us all a favor and find out the following?

    1.} Why does our defense continue to bend & break?
    2.} Why does Lane Kiffin call a running play with 20
    seconds in the first half, when we need time to
    score vs Stanford & LK calls a passing play vs
    Washington, with 2 minutes remaining in the game,
    after we {USC} just drove 50 yards down field & we
    needed the clock to continue to run?
    3.} Can someone please inform the coaching staff, the
    Tampa cover 2 doesn’t work with USCs personnelour
    defense {USC} is embarrassing!

  • Michael Protos

    What ever happened to Marshall Jones? Jawanza Starling is playing so horrible, I find it hard to believe Jones wouldn’t be a significant improvement.

  • Brettm

    Hey Wolf,

    I think it may be a bit unfair to pit all the woe’s of the defense on the back of Monte and Orgeron since the defense was playing pretty miserably last season. In your honest opinion, what do YOU think is wrong with the defense? Have you ever seen an SC defense this bad? I mean, hell… at least under Hacket and Robinson Part II they executed well even though they were less athletic than this bunch.

  • spedjones

    Scott – why do you think posters ask several questions in a post despite the request for one questions per poster? Oh, and does Baxter transfer at the end of the year? Oops.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Coach Sunshinepumper said it would take 6 years to get the program back to where it was after the sanctions, how long do you think it will take and will Coach Nepotism be around to see it happen?

  • Lambeau

    Kiffin’s play-calling on offense has been terrific for the most part (aside from a couple plays before halftime) considering our offense continues to get in rhythm and score points. Do you think he’ll start throwing the ball downfield more to score more quickly, knowing the defense isn’t helping the offense out? Offense has been brilliant, defense has sucked, what do you think will change?

  • DiamondD

    On a scale of 1 to 5 (1-nothing, 5-a lot), how much influence do you think Kristopher O’Dowd has had on the success of the running game, and what are the prospects for his replacement next season looking like?

    Thanks for the time…

  • East Coast Trojan

    Who is the ultimate opponent you would most like Ed Orgeron to face in the Fight Club?

  • Gordon

    Do you know if Mike Garrett has attended any football games this year?

  • Edward

    Please explain the “get-out-of-jail-free” transfer ruling set by the NCAA. Who is still eligible to take advantage of this in the future?

  • BBPeps13

    Any recent news on when the appeal hearings may take place?

  • Peter Parker

    Are the coaches considering moving Devon Kennard to defensive end to help with the depth issues there?

  • Sam Gilbert

    Fight Club – Ed Orgeron’s broken foot vs. John Gold’s Mandible.

  • osezno

    Why isn’t Curtis McNeal playing?