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Q: Scott Kriebel said:
Hi Scott,

What are the chances Lane replaces his dad with a bright, younger, respected college defensive coordinator after this season?

Any chance we can improve on defense with new recruits?

Will Pat Haden give Lane any credit for the way the offense is playing?

A: I don’t see him firing his father. That would pretty much cement his image that he is trying to change from Tennessee. I don’t know how much it can get better next season. The secondary will be more experienced but how much impact do freshman recruits have at linebacker or defensive line? And what happens if Jurrell Casey goes pro? Or even Armond Armstead? It’s going to be a challenging time ahead. I think Haden knows when to give credit and when to recognize shortcomings and I’m sure he’s evaluating all aspects of the games properly. Remember it’s easier to coach when you have good players and the offense is probably ahead of the defense in talent.

Q: cjs1993 said:
One question for Scott, one for Lane:

1) Shouldn’t the coaching staff be aware of whether the game clock is moving? I know that the officials should have done the right thing (started the clock), but Lane and staff should have been on top of that as it was happening. That should have, and could have, been cleared up at the time that the error was made.

2) For Lane: did you give any consideration to running more time off of the clock before scoring at the end of the game (e.g. letting Barkley run a QB sneak to simply pick up a yard and run more time off of the clock). 1st and goal at the 3 with over a minute left, you don’t need to score right away…at least when your defense is so poor.

A: I think Lane Kiffin knew the clock problem was occurring but probably needed to do a little more to get the officials to remedy the problem. Maybe he should have run out on the field, I don’t know. But it was a problem, yes.

Q: SCUSCfan said:
What do you think the penalties will be for UNC in light of the days most recent announcement that at least three players took large gifts from agents? Also add the fact that many of the players cheated.

A: They should be more severe than USC’s penalties. Do I think they will be? Not so sure. I’ve learned never to trust the NCAA on these matters.

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