• Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    Kiff!!!! you know the Cadre loves you, man….but you are killing us!!! new Tag: K-“IFF”

    “IFF” the trOJies woulda-coulda-shoulda….they would be AP Champeens!!!

    “IFF” the trOJies had bothered to practice any live field goal kicking in spring or summer, they might be 7-0!!

    “IFF” a frog had wings, he wouldn’t whomp his booty every time he jumped!!

    and the bravado of calling Cal “an unranked team”….er K-IFF, as wolf has extensively reported, the trOJies are banned from most polls!!! but CAL is unranked!!!

    K-IFF, you are turning out to be more fun than a barrell of monkeys!!


  • @Ghost, brillian post! brilliant post! these pathetic USC fans are acting as if they just won the national title after beating so-so team that got killed by Nevada two weeks prior.

    They are yet to defeat a ranked team while the mighty Bruins are 2-2 against top-notch competition…these delusional trOJies talk too much about almost being 7-0 when reality if they had scheduled real football teams to start the season, they would be 1-6 right now, “If If If the game was only played for 59:56 we would be 7-0” HAHAHAHAHAHA taste it!! 😛 (_!_)

  • 3rdandlong

    Ghost of Charlie Bucket, let the Anger go…It is going to be okay man, seriously its O-K-A-Y. I can see, the anger inside is eating you up. Just take a deep breath and let it all go. Nice win Trojans!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Basically we are 5 seconds from being 7 and ohhh. The powder blue babies might get to 4 and 8 if they get lucky once.

    However looking at our arrogance scores, we quickly find out that we are 7 and ohhh. Ohh it feels great today. Can’t wait to watch Oregon scrimmage against a CIF team this Thursday so SC can pick off all their moves…

  • DFWTrojan

    FLOOD THE COUNTRY! I love it! USC is back, baby. Even the NCAA couldn’t bring us down.

  • dtksr1

    If “sunshine” can get Farmer to sign, he & Wood will be some set of recievers for the QB the next 2 to 3 years. It would be nice if someone takes control of the tight-end and becomes another deadly reciever with running ability! Add Baxter and (hopefully) a good line and you might have something very tuff to stop!

  • $uckaFREE

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the bRUINs get treated like Malcolm X at a klan rally when they played that “so-so team that got killed by Nevada two weeks prior”? Now as always if I’m wrong I stand corrected but someone told the score went something like “35-7” with less than 150 yards of total offense.

    A response from a representative of the cadre would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  • ROTFLMAO usc beats a .500 team has not beaten a ranked team and they are celebrating a win over Cal who got destroyed by Nevada, but beat UCLA a team that all you trOJies say sucks.

    You delusional trOJies act as if you beat Texas, or Houston or some other of the great teams around the country. HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • sureshot

    SC and ucla have played three common opponents – Cal, Stanford, and Washington State. The combined score of USC’s three games is (USC) 133 – (opponents) 37. The combined score of ucla’s three games is (ucla) 49 – (opponents) 98.

    So USC is outscoring common opponents by 96 points while ucla is getting outscored by the exact same opponents by a margin of 49 points.

    Where is the strength of schedule argument now?

  • UCLA Dynasty

    So, Junior Seau anyone? Apparently “Fite On” means knocking your spouse around. Stay classy TroBans.

    At least he did the honorable thing and then drove off a cliff. Guess that lifetime of steroid use finally caught up with him and he went a bit loco, no?

  • Free_Thinker

    Hey WolfBucketofSh**, Smackula, BruinedSlob, Mixed upThai and the most laugahble, RuinDynasty. Cannot wait to see what the Ducks do to fUCLA this week.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Wow, UCLA fans, you amaze me. Truly. No response needed, just makes them feel like they “won” something (except a football game) hahahaha.
    FIGHT ON!!

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    3rdandshort: do i really strike you as being an angry person?? most comment on my infectious joie de vie!!!

    in any case, how can me helping the trOJies be wrong, when it feels so RIGHT??

    talk about letting go…you should tell K-iff to let it go!! those games are done and in the books, man!!! stop re-living it K-iff!!

  • Gnossos

    I worry about any man that uses the term “joie de vie” unless his French.

  • Free_Thinker

    Bucket-of-WolfSh** — Laugh all you want bucket boy, December is coming up fast for the bRUINS. Too bad Wolf is such a lame reporter. Loudmouth Petros too.