USC Report Card

Here are the grades for the Cal game with special not-on-the-report card F for Cal coach Jeff Tedford before you get read the actual marks.

RESULT: USC 48, California 14
RECORD: 5-2, 2-2


Matt Barkley enjoyed his best game of the season. Then again, so did the Trojans. Thank Jeff Tedford.



Marc Tyler looked ready to challenge again for the starting spot.



It looks like the best defense on Robert Woods the first four weeks was Lane Kiffin.



A key was resting offensive tackle’sTyron Smith’s sore ankle during the week.



There still needs to be more production (only one sack) from this unit.



Chris Galippo’s six tackles came despite learning new position.



If USC faced Kevin Riley every week, the secondary would be fine.



Kicker Joe Houston proves extremely accurate from 27 yards.



Monte Kiffin blitzed more and Lane Kiffin proved he can own Cal.


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  • scottwolfisadick

    Barkley and A-, what should he have washed you car also?
    Offensive line a B???
    Receivers a B+?
    Scott you need to start watching the games and not the cheerleaders.
    Did you remember to register?

  • TroyMan

    You are such a bitter fool. Really!

  • JAG
  • jetman624

    C+ for coaching? How does SC dominate a team so completely and then get a C+ for coaching? Cal was completely out coached…

  • spedjones

    LOL – have trogans forgotten what an “A” football team looks like already? Trogans of old would have put 70 on the bears.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Read Elvis the King’s post from the weekend. He nailed Scotty’s grades spot on. Scott the hater.

    What grades would the readers give Scott’s posting?

  • troganfan

    I think scotty has a secret crush on tedford.

  • Bobo

    Wolf’s weekly SC grades and AP ranking votes continue to prove what many of us have known for a long time – SW has a really low football IQ.

  • DFWTrojan

    USC won this game by dominating in the trenches. The O-line and D-line both deserve A’s. Then, Barkley and the receivers deserve A’s. A’s to Special Teams and Coaching. B’s to RBs, LBs and Secondary.

  • SC Giant

    Scott, you need to start watching the game instead of ogling the song girls. Those grades don’t reflect USC’s crushing performance and make no sense. The action’s on the field, not the stands or the sidelines.

  • scottwolfisadick

    I love how when ever USC dominates it is the other team playing or being coached poorly. We can always count on you to be consistently poor reporter.

  • buslu

    Guys, who cares what’s the grade or what others think of us. We won the game, and we deserved it fair and square!

  • NOBS

    Are you grading vs the opponent or the #1 team in the nation? Come on.

  • norcaltroy

    How do you win a conference game 48-14 and get a B? Wolf has some pretty high standards, I guess. Would love to see his SC transcript. Bet he was summa cum laude.

  • Jay#42

    There is nothing to get excited about here. Monte’s D and Coach “O” line is getting in some, on the field, real time scrimages on with NFL Offenses (Minny, Wash St, Wash and Cal). Now how does the Coaching staff revamp and make adjustments for a spread option offense?

    I am going to venture out to Oregon game. I have never traveled to a losing game. I think the D-line will be up for this one, especially since they have 2 weeks to prepare. If Monte can’t pull this one off and they hang A BIG FIVE OH on us, he should realize that his not a D1 DC.

    I think our offense, as long as they (The Kiffer) don’t panic, will hang 40.

    Fight ON! Beat the Ducks

  • Trojan Conquest

    “Thank Jeff Tedford.”………Yeah, it had nothing to do with Barkley. This is getting old.

  • TrojanRick

    Wolfie, you’re a moron and use a bunch of nonsequeturs to justify your position.